Completely Clueless Cigar Newb Review #2: Siboney Reserve, 5 lb mark

I'm back! And, as promised, as part of my Lose Weight, Smoke Cigars effort, since I recently hit 5 pounds down, I got me a cigar! Since this was my first 5 lbs, I got to have a "cheap" stick, so I grabbed one I've never had: the Siboney Reserve Robusto. Cheaper than cheap, even, because I got them at auction, 5er for $5. Even regular price at Famous Smoke they're $18, so regularly a $3-ish stick. I grabbed them because no one else was bidding on them. Why? Couldn't tell you.

Here's the deal: Made at the My Father factory in Esteli, Nicaraguan Jalapa and Condega Corojo filler, Nicaraguan Criollo '98 AND Honduran Habano binders, and a Nicaraguan Habano Rosado wrapper. Triple capped. What? $3-$4? Hmm.

Well put together, cut nice, cold draw seemed just sweet tobacco, but there was a definite pepper tingle on my lips from the wrapper, which surprised me, because I've only had that from a few sticks (including the Opus). First light was a huge hit in the nose and throat, like I sneezed some black pepper. Not a lot of flavor, but that peppery burn. Definitely strong but it did ease up- NEVER went away completely though. Famous Smoke lists this as a full body. Still not clear on how to tell that, but I ain't gonna argue.

As I went through the first half, while tooling around my yard, I was having on and off feelings about this stick. I couldn't get much flavor-wise on the palate, and the pepper kept making me think "harsh", though it never had that true cheap stick chemical/ashy harshness. Burn was crooked, and took a couple touchups and 1 relight along the way. But something about the aroma kept nagging at me and making me think back when I was on vacation in the DR. I realized I kept getting this occasional wash of awesome aroma, and when it came, my brain said "Cuban-esque". It got more pronounced when I touched it up, so I'm going to chalk good things up to the wrapper/binders. Finally, it hit me: some almost cigarillo-like harshness, but with an underlying Cuban-like awesomeness? This tasted just like the Cohiba club minis I had on vacation!

First off, I was glad I nailed down what I was smelling/nosing, and second, I suddenly got kind of excited. I've been keeping these in my cheap stick tupperdor, so they haven't been getting the class treatment, and immediately I thought, "These could be really awesome if they got to be among some real cedar and had some time for the filler flavors to smooth out." As soon as I got back in, the rest of these moved into my humi with my good sticks to rest (I won't say age because, frankly, I don't have enough sticks to leave one sit, but rest is appropriate).

So there you have it. I hit my first 5 lb weight loss goal, and I came across what I think is a cheap stick diamond in the rough. I have no doubt I'll revisit this after a few months in the humi, and I can practically guarantee I'll buy more. Thanks to those who have been cheering me on through my weight goals, I'll do a brief LWSC weekend update later, and I'll see you again when I hit 218.8!

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Comment by Cigar Surgeon on October 31, 2013 at 8:59am

Good luck on your weight loss goal man!


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