How I Rate Cigars

Starting in 2014, we are switching up how our moderators rate cigars. Previously in our reviews, we would never provide a numerical ranking - we would just describe if we liked it or not and if we  would buy a box or a five-pack.

After conversations with several guys in new media, we wanted to make a change. We want to include a ranking system which is consistent, easy for a lay person to understand, and could be easily seen without needing to read the entire review.

What we came up with is outlined below. We will be factoring in everything about the cigar from aroma to the wrapper - taking in the whole experience. 

We will ask ourselves "How many of these would I buy at full retail?". From there, we will put it into the proper category, and then we will assign a numerical ranking based on other cigars we have assigned to that category.

We hope you find this rating system easier to use, and if you have any feedback, please let us know.


CF Mod Team


Box Purchase – 94 to 100

Box Split – 90 to 93
5 Pack – 87 to 89
Couple – 84 to 86 - If I was in a shop, I would pick up one or two
If I had them – 80 to 83 - I wouldn't pay money for them, but I'd try to weasel some or trade for some
Muchin Buddies – 79 to 76 - I would save them for a friend who knows nothing about cigars.
Dog Rocket – Below 75 - I wouldn't smoke it or let my dumb friends smoke it.

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