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Logan Lawler

Logan is a Social Media Offer Development Consultant at Dell where he develops social media listening services and consulting for end clients.  Logan has held a variety of roles at Dell from sales management, global training, and social media analytics development.  Prior to starting his career at Dell Logan graduated from Mizzou with his BSBA in Marketing in ’06.


Logan is a passionate cigar lover who is active in social media cigar community. Logan co-founded CigarChat a weekly live streaming show which interviews manufactures and players in the industry. Logan is the owner and MFCEO of Cigar Federation and has managed CF since April of 2013.


Logan is happily married, owns the best Labradoodle in the world, loves to travel, and is a non-native Texan.

Matt Ross

Some of you may know me from Twitter (@MattSRoss81) or other forums (MattSRoss81 or MattyBlayze, typically).

I've been smoking cigars for probably close to 15 years, but only have gotten really invested in the hobby over the past 5 or 6 years and still consider myself a "newb" and try to learn as much as I can. I think my enthusiasm really began about 5 years ago when a friend invited me to something called CigarFest sponsored by Cigars International in the Poconos. He had an extra ticket and asked me to go, but I wasn't overly interested - I smoked an occasional celebratory cigar but didn't think I was at the level that would appreciate something called CigarFest. He ended up selling me on it by promising a weekend away from the "wives" along with cigars, scotch, poker and steaks, and I bit! By the end of a great weekend, I had purchased my first humidor and its all built from there and really culminated when I was lucky enough to go to Esteli last May for Cigar Safari at Drew Estate - really an amazing trip for any of you who haven't gone yet.

I prefer the smaller vitolas - Coronas are probably my go-to size, but I'm also a huge fan of Lanceros - and tend to stay far away from thick RGs.

Jerad Johnston

Bond, James Bond. Better known on the internet as 007MI6, @007MI6_ on Twitter.
Born & raised Texan, I currently live in Corpus Christi, Texas with my wife and two small
dogs. I am a civil engineering designer/drafter at a local firm, and I love the coast and
can be found fishing or playing golf on most of my free time.

I’ve been intrigued by cigars for quite some time, but it was my delving into the James
Bond Lifestyle that started this journey. I have a great appreciation for the style and aura
of the 60’s, when quality cigars were a norm, collect antiques and have a growing Art
Deco collection. But, back to cigars, I started with Romeo y Julieta Churchills, being the
favorite of James Bonds himself. Since then, I have gone from keeping a couple cigars
at a time to continually buying larger humidors to house my ever growing collection of

The cigar community is the most helpful and positive group of people I have ever been
involved with, and I am proud to be a part of it. I am honored to be a contributing
member of the Cigar Federation and be involved with such a great group of cigar lovers.

John Reiner

John is a person who has a lot of hobbies, possibly too many for his own good. Besides his obvious penchant for cigars, he is also an avid coffee aficionado. When not reviewing cigars you can find him roasting and brewing his own coffee beans. He has also developed a significant interest in scotch, which he also reviews.
You'll often find John travelling to various cities around the world, whether for his cigar passion, NFL football games in the US or just to soak up the history and culture.

Almost all of the cigar photography you'll find under his reviews is done by him, which is yet another passion that he invests his time into.

You'll find him on weekly hangouts on Google+ smoking a cigar and participating in discussions. He's on /r/cigars as the username Avrus, and also found on various cigar forums as either Avrus or Cigar Surgeon.

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