Good lord, there are so many releases hitting IPCPR this year that sound promising to me, I think I've probably forgotton a couple already. I know many will not see larger quantities ship to retailers for a while, but still I can't help but build up my list of "must try's".

What are you looking forward to try when they come out? What will you be watching the show articles and casts for? Here are the ones I can remember so far that are on my try list:

Cornelius & Anthony Meridian
Crowned Heads Le Careme
Cordoba & Morales Platino Sumatra Reposado en Cedro
Dunbarton Mi Quierida
Dunbarton Todos Las Dias
AF Bellas Artes
L'Atelier Identite
Entrada Libertas

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Haha, I know! I feel that way, too. I think Illusione is my desert island brand. Now, just need a go-to Maduro from them...
I was excited to see the info on Illusion as well, can't wait to see some more details on the singulare blend for this year and the ones they're bringing back as regular production!
So those of us newer to cigars will finally get to smoke a Phantom. And then hear, The original was so much better.

Crowned Heads La Careme

Tatuaje La Verite 2013?

3 more to add to the list for me: (1) LFD la nox mini; (2) whiskey rebellion; and (3) Herrera Esteli miami 

+1 for the HE Miami. Can't wait to get my hands on that one.
I will co-co-sign that. I am a fan of all Willy Herrera blends I've tried.
Add All Out Kings as one I want to try. T-52 wrapper on a new stick with Connecticut Broadleaf ligero in the filler and a Sumatra binder?! It sounds all over the place, but hopefully in a great way.

I'll 2nd the All Out Kings.  Caldwell Cigars are at the top for me, and I enjoy many Drew Estate blends.....  Caldwell/Herrera blend might be 100%.  I'm pretty stoked about this one.

Herrera Esteli miami
K By Karen Berger
Fratello Oro

Topper 120th Anniversary blends



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