Good lord, there are so many releases hitting IPCPR this year that sound promising to me, I think I've probably forgotton a couple already. I know many will not see larger quantities ship to retailers for a while, but still I can't help but build up my list of "must try's".

What are you looking forward to try when they come out? What will you be watching the show articles and casts for? Here are the ones I can remember so far that are on my try list:

Cornelius & Anthony Meridian
Crowned Heads Le Careme
Cordoba & Morales Platino Sumatra Reposado en Cedro
Dunbarton Mi Quierida
Dunbarton Todos Las Dias
AF Bellas Artes
L'Atelier Identite
Entrada Libertas

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Just to name a few ...
Caldwell LLTK Limited Edition
Caldwell Eastern Standard Maduro
Joya Black
Protocol Probable Cause
AJ Fernández Bella's Artes
Forgot about Probable Cause!

Dunbarton T&T Mi Querida

Duran Neya F8 Texas Tactical Lancero

Foundation Tabernacle

AJF Maduro Last Call

Cornelius & Anthony Venganza

Recluse Amadeus Habano Reserva Lancero

Senorial Maduro Box Press

Foundation Upsetters

Dang, the Tabernacle! That one sounds really good.

I'm mostly excited for the doors to open :D

Just too much coming out to really put a list down.  I'm very apprehensive about anything from companies that I don't smoke regularly.  

Therein lies the problem for me, Doug. I also typically am weary of purchasing anything more than a single from a company I'm not familiar with (although ultimately the company doesn't bias me towards liking or disliking the cigar). There are so many releases coming from companies I already know and trust that I can't even keep up with that! (Crowned Heads, Foundation, Dunbarton, AJF, etc.)
Mi Querida
Mi Querida
Mi Querida
Mi Querida
Mi Querida
Warped, warped, Illusione
I second the Illusione. That's a lot of new stuff for Illusione, including Singulare rereleases.

All of those new releases from Illusione really excite me, to be honest. Eager to try them all!



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