Alright, so I've tried pipe smoking once before and did so with zero knowledge of what the hell I was doing.  I'd like to pick up this idea once again.  

This time I'd like some help though.  I'm looking for a moderately priced (read: <$50, I'm just starting mind you) pipe and some decent tobacco suggestions for someone who normally smokes medium-full bodied cigars daily.  


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I've become an occasional pipe smoker over the last couple years and find it a nice compliment to my smoking rotation. If you have access to a B&M and sells pipe tobacco in bulk then that's a great way to get started. You can just get 1oz samples of several different things. I have found through much trial that I tend to enjoy engligh blends with latakia and I like VAPER blends with Virginia and Perique.I have not found a aromatic (flavored) that I like very much.

Here are some of my favorite tobaccos

English/Latakia Blends:

Dunhill Early Morning Pipe

Dunhill Night Cap

Frog Morton (Original)

Frog Morton on the Bayou

GL Pease Gaslight

VAPER Blends:

GL Pease Sixpence

Gl Pease Haddo's Delight

Escudo Navy Deluxe

When it comes to pipes I don't think it really matters that much. I have one of these and it smokes great:

I actually recommend getting a couple cheap cobs for your trying out tobacco phase: You'll want to dedicate a briar pipe to each of the different types of blends you smoke. If you smoke a VAPER in a pipe that you have smoked a tone of English tobacco through, your VAPER will taste like it has Latakia in it. I have pipes dedicated to engligh blends and pipes dedicated to Virginia/VAPER blends.

I have limited pipe smoking experience, but here's my two cents worth:

Although I smoke my Escudo in a small briar, the Country Gentleman that I got from has served me well.  I have a few other cobs from Scott, but the CM would be a good one to start.

Aromatics seem like a good idea, but don't buy too much to start.  I got tired of them quickly and now I have a few tins unopened.

In addition to VaPers like Escudo, I think Frog Morton is a good introductory English.  FM's Cellar might be a good intro blend.  I have a tin but haven't opened it yet.

I heard someone say "The worst the tobacco smells, the better it tastes.  The better it smells, the worse it tastes."  I would generally agree with that sentiment.

Thanks for the great suggestions and advice.  I've been drawn towards aromatics, but I'm glad I asked this since I'd hate to get all pumped and be let down.  

I think the closest B&M that carries tobacco is about 30-35 minutes away, so I may check them out in the near future.  I will definitely start with corn cob pipes, as I can't pass up the price on that site.

Wow,I guess I should have proofread my reply before submitting.
Get you an ounce of a few aromatics to start with them. I liked a Vanilla Custard one pretty good. I would suggest skipping over Captain Black and its variants. Lane 1Q is a must try, even if you don't like it.

Pipes and Cigars has a good selection of bulk pipe tobacco that you can

Cool, I'll check em out!

Cup o joes has a lot of bulk as does 4noggins - I use 8oz ball canning jars for 2-4 oz of bulk. Have fun!! The packing and actual smoking has taken me forever to get.

I definitely have a line of canning jars.  (I work for Jarden, aka Ball/Kerr jars, at the main distrubition production facility)

I'll check out those sites as well!

There are a lot of good aromatics out there. Just make sure you get a quality one, such as: Boswell, Drew Estate, Tsuge, C&D, just to mention one's I've had luck with. And once you smoke an aromatic in a pipe, that is all you should smoke in it.

Dunhill has some great traditional tobaccos, Elizabethan Mixture is excellent. Seattle Pipe Club Potlatch is a must try. Orlik Dark Strong Kentucky is tasty as well, and we are smoking it on Pipe Dummies tonight too. ;) GL Pease Gaslight is a solid tobacco too.



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