Movie Pass #81 For The Kid In You Edition *New hints 1/12*


As always a quick reminder on the rules

- Max of 2 guesses per person per 24 hours

- Min of 2 Hints by host per 24 hours
- Winner will receive pack of at least 4 cigars (no dog rockets)
- Winner will host the next round in a new thread
- No Google searches - CigFed Honor Code (FYI no second rate Yahoo searches either)

HINT#1--- A groundbreaking film from the early part of the new millennium.  

HINT#2--- Despite being groundbreaking, the film was considered a bomb. 

HINT#3--- Two of the actors were cast together with Nicholas Cage as inmates.

HINT#4--- One of the main actors has 3 siblings that are also actors in Hollywood.

HINT#5--- An animated film.

HINT#6--- Production time was over four years.

HINT#7--- Based off one of the most famous video game series of all time, although the story isn't tied to any game from the series.

HINT#8--- Main character is voiced by Agent May from Marvel Agents of SHIELD.

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Ding ding ding Winner!

First movie to use photorealistic animation

Ving Rhames and Steve Buscemi were in Con Air

Alec Baldwin has three brothers in Hollywood

The main character is voiced by Ming-Na.

Congrats!  Message me with your info and I'll send out some winnings!

yeah, I've never seen the movie, but I've played the game a bit here and there... but I knew there WAS a movie and i remember it not being very good... so i took a shot... I'll message you tonight and have a new one up tomorrow... WOOO HOOO!

Nice call, Robby! I don't think I would have gotten that in twenty five more guesses.

DAMMIT ROB. I figured this one finally. I OWN this movie. Dammit. I need to read the clues more often.



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