Movie Pass #81 For The Kid In You Edition *New hints 1/12*


As always a quick reminder on the rules

- Max of 2 guesses per person per 24 hours

- Min of 2 Hints by host per 24 hours
- Winner will receive pack of at least 4 cigars (no dog rockets)
- Winner will host the next round in a new thread
- No Google searches - CigFed Honor Code (FYI no second rate Yahoo searches either)

HINT#1--- A groundbreaking film from the early part of the new millennium.  

HINT#2--- Despite being groundbreaking, the film was considered a bomb. 

HINT#3--- Two of the actors were cast together with Nicholas Cage as inmates.

HINT#4--- One of the main actors has 3 siblings that are also actors in Hollywood.

HINT#5--- An animated film.

HINT#6--- Production time was over four years.

HINT#7--- Based off one of the most famous video game series of all time, although the story isn't tied to any game from the series.

HINT#8--- Main character is voiced by Agent May from Marvel Agents of SHIELD.

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No sir. Enjoy that one though.
Star Wars episode 1
Nope, although I love that one.
Mas hints!
I'll post some soon!
Con air

Nope, but that movie is from a hint.  :D


Love it, but nope.

Being John Malkovich

No sir.



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