Fedhead community, I am looking for a trade or a few. I’m hoping to find a couple smokes I’ve been wanting to try and also make a little room in my humis. I am comfortable parting with all of the following:

Sobremesa – El Americano 6.0x52  (6avail.)
L’Atelier – La Mission 2009 6.5x56  (2avail.)
Hoyo – Excalibur Dark Knight Toro 6.5x52   (5avail.)
AB – Tempus Natural Medius 6.0x52  (8avail.)
H. Upmann – Yarguera Toro 6.0x54  (2avail.)
Graycliff – Casillero Privada PGX 6.0x50  (2avail.)
Graycliff – 30 Year Vintage PGX 6.0x50  (2avail.)
EPC – Short Run 2015 Vencedores 6.0x52  (2avail.)
Padilla – Vintage Reserve Churchill 7.0x50  (2avail.)
Padilla – 1932 (new blend) Toro 6.0x50  (3avail.)
Mombacho – Tierra Volcan Grande 6.25x54 (4avail.)

I’m open to just about any trade situations (ex: pick 10 you like, I would like to get 6-8 in return…pick 5 you like, I would like 3-4 in return, etc.). I really am looking to make space! If I expand again it won’t be a fun time for me. I will update the numbers above if/when any trades are made. Here is what I am interested in finding:

Warped La Colmena
Laranja Reserva
Fratello Bianco
Padron 1926
Ezra Zion (just about anything, I enjoyed the All My Exes)
LFD La Nox
Viaje Exclusivo
Cornelius & Anthony (any release)

Also open new/other things, especially broadleaf maduro or SA wrapped stuff. As you can probably tell i like vitola in the 5.5 – 6.0+ inch range. I’m not too picky though. Let me know if you are interested and what you have. Thanks all!

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Not sure if what you are offering is of the same grade as what you are searching for.  Most folks will prefer to keep higher priced stuff than get higher quantity lower priced cigars.  You may find a taker so hopefully it will work out.

Hi An, that's another reason why I don't expect to get the same number in return. If someone happens to like something I have, I am happy to balance out a pricier stick by giving more in return to balance it out a bit. I'm fine with waiting a while and buying too, just figured you never know what people are interested in.

You never know!



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