My humidor is getting fuller and I am wondering what is the best way to store my cigars. I buy mainly samplers so I have a bunch of singles. What is the right way to keep these? I wonder how bad will they influence each other.

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IMHO keeping different cigars together isn't an issue, especially if they are in cellophane. Keep your infused and fire-cured separate.

Really the only cigars I try and keep separate are anything that is infused, or the DE KFC.  

Only one infused cigar left and it sets apart from the rest

Naw...your fine Although let me tell you one thing.

So, obviously you dont want to keep infused cigars next to non infused but I had 12 L40s and 5 Dirty Rats on the bottom of one of my humidor shelves and I stacked a row of Padron's on top of them. The cigars then picked up the petume(stuff they spray on the wrappers) from the Ligas and all the Padron's smelled exactly like a Liga...the Padron bands also soaked up all the oils from the wrapper...the cigars smoked just fine but that just shows (in an exaggerated way) that they do cross mature/age/marry. 

I do keep all my Cubans separate from my Nicas.

What is petume?! And can I use it as cologne? I would walk around smelling like a Liga if I could. Seriously.

Well the "petume" DE uses on the Ligas is a mix of tobacco and water (think tea)...they spray it on the wrapper leaf during fermentation to get a more even dark color and that ultra oily look/'ve seen how a Liga Privada smokes...its like a damn house on fire! It also makes the cigar very sweet smelling...

That's why they smoke that way?! Super interesting. I won't argue with it. It works.

Yea...its been explained by a few people at DE factory (while only seen once by the public, actually a member here) Steve Saka has brought it up before as well.

I would wear it.
Did the Padrons have a difference in them? Thanks for the insight. And no Cubans just yet. Wife is planning a summer trip and I keep leaving Cuban brochures around the house tho!
Thanks for the insight!

The actual flavor when lit was not noticeable...but the band was translucent from soaking up soo much of that wrapper oil.

Joe, message me if you need a online Cuban need to take a trip when 100% legits can be delivered to your door step ;-)

I keep my Cubans separate. Everything else is basically a free for all. And my Ligas have their own box, but I also put my Sobremesas there for companionship.



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