I'm new to cigars. Started smoking infused cigars about three years ago but stopped. I recently got my humidor going and joined Cigar Federations COTM club. I like trying samplers to get a variety to find what I do and don't like. So far I have only had February's shipment and really enjoyed the Orchant. Some of my favorite sticks so far are Joya Red, Tatuaje Tattoo and Atabey. I'm here looking to learn all about cigars.


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Welcome aboard, Joe! The COTM club is great way to try a variety of sticks. Also look for the Weekly Mystery Samplers if you haven't already. You're in the right place to learn about cigars!

Mystery Samplers?! Oh I'm looking today! Thanks!!

You're welcome.Be warned...you're gonna catch the cigar bug! ;)

Like Chris said, you're definitely in the right place, Joe. The folks here are incredibly knowledgable and modest, which is a rare and enjoyable combo. Welcome to the fold!

Props on the likes good sir!  That's a great little list, you're on the right path!

Welcome friend!

Thank you. Have some awesome friends who helped me get started. So where is the proper place to ask questions about storage? This app is a bit over whelming for me.

Yeah, the app can be a handful at times...but it's being worked on.

I'd suggest just starting another discussion just like this one. Just change the discussion category to what ever is relevant to what you're asking. To be honest, it's probably been asked before BUT!!! searching these forums can be a real pain.  So, you'll get answers and possibly a link to other discussions on the same topic.

Nice. Thanks. Will try today.

Welcome Joe!!!!

Thanks Mickey!

Welcome Joe! I've been getting the COTM from here since it's inception, you won't find a better COTM anywhere. Also try some of the Factory Direct Boutiques from the store. Also jump on the Exclusives as soon as they are released, they sell out very quickly. Post any questions you may have in the forum section. Watch some of the shows on here like CigarChat, ask some questions from the Google Q&A section and you might win some cigars. Most of all have fun!



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