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Not only informative but very entertaining.. Loved it!  By the way.. nothing pisses me off more than getting my ash knocked off..

I have not tried this yet. This sounds like a great stick. Someone send me a few!!!

I'm glad that I am not the only one that loves this cigar! That is one cigar that I enjoy very, very much. Maybe that's why I have more than a few tucked away in my humi! Glad you guys enjoyed it and keep up the good work!

Cheers Mates ! You guy are frickin funny as hell. You take an unknown stick and make anyone who watches this video want to go and buy some of these Nubilizers or what eve you called them. Im going to go to Cigars International site and hook up on some of these sick sticks just to live vicariously through your judgement. Keep up the fun, cant wait till the next Video you produce. Cigar Power !

Funny video and now I want one to try!!!

Fun videos and great review!

Peter G

Consistent with rubusto but more chewy. Huh? Whats that mean? Just makes sense. 



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