As some of you know, my wife lost her job due to cutbacks back in March. Job search has been positive but not yet hit the mark.  As some of you also know, it's been freakin' hot out this summer. These things together have caused a $400 electric bill that we weren't equipped for.

SO, I put together some random boutique 5ers to sell and offset some of that bill.

Each is a little different, each has something in it that is special - LE, out of production, aged, etc., and I'm offering each at $40 shipped, which should price them all at reasonable or better.  I will take Paypal Friends & Family (ask around, I'm trustworthy), or ask me about alternative payment.

Check them out, send me a private message if your interested in any of these. If they sell, I will edit this post/update in the comments by number.  If there is something you don't see that you're interested in, I have more, so message me with either what you're looking for or what you like. I'll keep bumping this til they're sold (or until it takes too long and I just smoke them in the dark).

1. CAO Flathead Steel Horse Apehanger (5.5x58), Nestor Miranda Collection Coffee Break Maduro (4.5x50), CH Las Calaveras 2015 (6x52), Senorial Corona Gorda (5.5x46), EH Vida figurado 2+ yr aged (4.5x54) 

5. Cain F Lancero Tubo ~1 year age (7x38), Nestor Miranda Collection Coffee Break Habano (4.5x50), Ezra Zion FHK Inspired (5.5x50), CH Headley Grange Drumstick LE 2013 Lancero (7.5x38), Total Flame Nicaragua 2013 (5x50)

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Any luck Jared?

I missed this over the weekend.  Still looking for buyers?

I have one person who said he wants to buy but we haven't finished things up yet. He's a dependable guy though, but choice is still wide open.

Update: 1 down, 4 to go. 1st buyer has chosen to take one at random, so you still have opportunity to call dibs on the one you want.

I can send you a money order, as my Paypal was hacked a couple years back and hasn't worked properly since then.  

Send me a PM and we'll get things worked out.

Ok, Sampler Number 4 is out of the running. 

Sampler 2 is now spoken for.

Sampler 3 is taken. Choices are down to the #1 Las Calaveras pack and the #5 Lancero pack

Sampler 3 is up, up and away!


Two packs left up for grabs. I can also put together something different if you'd like to help out but these particular packs don't have anything that appeals to you.



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