Stogie of the Month for December 2017: Mombacho Cigars






Mombachooooooooo!  This cry has been heard often through the years on CigFed shows.  The brand is a favorite of many Fedheads.  Former CigFed show host Rob Rasmussen (RobbyRas) liked them so much he became Intergalactic Brand Manager for the company.


The company was formed in 2006 by Cameron Heaps and Markus Raty.  Today, the President and Master Blender, Claudio Sgroi, is known for his passion for the cigar lifestyle.  Before coming to Mombacho he worked with Henki Kelner of Davidoff.  Check out more of the Mombacho story at the website address above.


Smoke those Mombacho cigars and post up photos with the tag #December2017SOTM.  If you have a blend you think it particularly notable please respond to this post with a short testimony of why you think other CigFed members should give it a try.  Don’t forget to check the age of the cigar by looking at the date printed on the back of each band.  


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Tierra Volcan Corto with the old school band and some Flor de Cana 18!

Those are so good.  Yes, both.

Great looking pairing Jason!

Mombacho Tierra Volcan Classico (Feb 2015)

5.5 x 50 - Nicaraguan puro

Paired with some Glenmorangie Lasanta (delicious pairing)



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