Well today I went to purchase a bundle of 20 EZ brass knuckles. Card was declined but knew there was enough to cover my purchase. Checked my balance and it's $13! I did some investigating and saw my only purchase these last few days was cigarsatyourprice. Not blaming them but after getting took for such a hefty chunk AND my paycheck I got yesterday, i wanted to give a heads up just in case it's related

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Oh man, sorry to hear that. I hope it gets resolved, and that you're not out all that $.

U and me both bro

Sorry to hear that Ken.  Thanks for the heads up

U bet

dude... that f****** blows!  sorry to hear it, but it's a good heads up

Thanks guys... Yea it sucks really bad man:/ they bought something from Thom Brown New York (very high end shirts,ties,shoes,sunglasses,etc) and bought a new computer, 2gb hard drive, xbox, and a year of Xbox live on my tab

Can you track where those items are going?

WOW! I'm scared to use my card now :'(

I feel so bad Ken, hope it all works out smooth. I'm sure you contacted your bank but what can you do?

I'm about to delete my account from my paypal because I've heard horror stories from that too...did you contact CAYP/egars/Nice Ash? 

I would flip my lid if that happened to me...knock on wood, nothing has happened like that to me before..

Oh no, I checked mine and it was only $13 too! Oh wait... that's all there was before. 

Seriously, sorry to hear. Thanks for the heads up.

Lol... the bad part is since they cut my card off I can't even get the $13 lol

Was this your checking?

Yes Charlie checking



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