So I'm trying to slow down and not rush through a cigar so that I may enjoy it fully. Only problem is that I often find myself relighting cigars and not always with a lighter on hand and limited matches. Is this common or I'm I slowing down too much?

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Sounds like your smoking too slow IMHO.

Yeah, I would say that's a possibility. Besides that no issues? No crazy burn lines, tight draws, low smoke output...If so, I'd say you might have storage issues.
I keep them between 65-67% and in a dark closet. I am just known for blowing thru them and try not to.
Take a double puff every second or third draw to stoke the fire some and keep it from going out.

How long are we talking about between puffs? A well made cigar should be able to rest 3 minutes between puffs no problem imo...

Glad u say that Steve... Im n Northeast TX and i kept everything at 69% and had burn/draw problems and lack of flavor... dropped down to 65 a couple months ago and my cigars smoke so well that I am finding I like alot of sticks that previously at 69% did nothing for me. Now with all the humidity and flooding I notice my sticks starting to smoke like they did at 69% and won't stay lit past 30-45 seconds. Crazy how much location plays a part.
I live in central California and keep my humidor at 65%. I will take a double puff every few draws depending on the strength of the cigar but still find myself relighting lately. I try not to go more then 3 mins but try also not to smoke like a chain smoker. Wonder if the weather is having a part in this. . .

Puffing every min or so is fine imo...I just try not to take more than 1-2/min. If ya pay attention to the cigar it'll kinda let ya know if ya puffing too often. Bitterness, heat, bite on tip of tongue etc. You can Google the subject and it'll give ya some helpful info. My biggest problem when I started smoking cigars was since I'm a cigarette smoker I would treat it like a cigarette without meaning to. I'd have to make myself pay attention so I wouldn't do it.

In my experience when it's weather causing the trouble it takes almost constant puffing without it trying to go out. Last week if I waited more than 30 seconds I'd have to double or triple puff to get it fully going again. It's a pain in the ass


Something is really wrong here... either the cigar is dramatically over humidified (and no the ambient RH in which you are smoking it would not cause this), the tobacco in the cigar is dramatically under fermented or the cigar's construction is seriously flawed.

Regretfully I can not give you a definitive answer without personally inspecting and/or smoking the cigar, but I can definitely tell you this is NOT normal.


Steve Saka

Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust

I appreciate your reply. I chalked it off to the humidity outside since my cigars smoked great beforehand and now they are smoking fine but for a few days nothing I smoked wanted to stay lit properly. It would stay lit but wouldn't keep burning like they normally do and every time I took another draw it was like it was hard to get going. This is the only time I've experienced this and had a hard time pinpointing the issue so I chalked it off to the humidity. My cigars are stored at 65% using Boveda packs so maybe under fermentation? Thanks for the info

While on the subject how long do u suggest letting a cigar rest in between draws? I've been told no more than 1-2/min but not by someone with your expertise



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