Going to be in the heart of bourbon - Louisville, KY - but I am not much of a bourbon fan. It was suggested that maybe I haven't tried the right ones. So, taking into consideration I get paid like a teacher, what bourbons should I get a pour of while on the Bourbon Trail?

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Basil Hayden's ($47 locally) and Jefferson's ($34 locally) are two of my favorite smooth and easy drinking bourbons.

I like Buffalo Trace, and I'm not a "bourbon guy." Jared, what do you teach?
I run the tutor center at my college, and I personally specialize in math & science. P.S. - check the whiskey list in this place!!! http://doccrows.com
That's cool, Jared! I am in my 8th year in public education. Cigars are definitely a great way to decompress. And bourbon!
Jared, that is a hell of a list, very jealous. Some of the starter whiskeys for me that are on that list, that seemed to go down fairly easy are Buffalo Trace, Knob Creek 9, Elijah Craig 12, Larceny. There are a ton on that list that are very good, but not sure for a rookie. Especially if you are going neat or on the rocks. Have fun buddy, that's a fairly close trip for us that is on our list to do soon.

I second Knob Creek. I find it so smooth that sometimes I have some to mellow out after a good peaty scotch clears my sinuses out.

Apparently, the bar in my hotel is a founding member of the Urban Bourbon Trail and has 60 bourbons in their library, all available in taster sizes. I'll keep notes :)



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