I'm sitting here smoking a cigar and the wrapper is cracking like a fat plumber working under a sink! Has to be my biggest cigar pet peeve! What's your biggest stogie frustration? VENT IT HERE!

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Plugged cigars.  Most other problems I can deal with - burn issues, splitting, etc. - even offputting flavors.  I at least get to make the decision that I don't like it with those issues.  But, if it's plugged, I can't even get a hint about the cigar.  I just toss it.

I had a major let down with a RYJ being plugged recently. It was a particularly bad day and I had looked forward to the smoke for hours. It darn near broke my heart.

I have a couple pet peeves about cigars in general. One is a cant stand a cigar that is not consistent though the entire smoke. There are so many cigars out there know that you start to smoke it and it's pretty good then you get half the way through it and the taste change to taste like horse crap.

The second peeve is cigar wannabe smokers. You can always tell who they are by what cigars they buy and how they light them up. Don't use a bic lighter. Lol

I also prefer consistency. The cognoscenti always rave about the first third versus the second third versus the last third, about complexity and all that. Give me a good smoke by the third hit, and let it cruise from there to the nub.

Sometimes its with rolling your own cigars. Burning is not so even.

Stingy reps.

I hate plugged cigars. Drive me crazy

Hey Mate, gotta say that my biggest fit on a Gar is when you get one that's plugged up like a sink ! Then ya gotta get the fat dude and that sucks.

1. Plugged cigars

2. Green cigars

3. Bursting and cracked cigars

Cigar wrappers in the "ash" tray.  And folks who miss the ash tray!

I hate wrapper cracks, but what I hate the most is when a cigar feels like it draws, but you can't coax smoke out of it.  You can blow through it and get a ton of smoke, but it won't work the right way.  That bugs me...I can only figure that there's a fold in the bunch someplace that blocks it one way...My other peeve is when a cigar is marketed as a super premium, and priced to match, but it's not as good as some bundle cigar...

Sometimes a small tear or hole in the wrapper will cause that as well, Craig.  If so, and you can find it, you can occasionally cover it with your finger and get it to behave.  If it's near the end, you can smoke past it and it'll be OK.  Otherwise..yeah, it's usually not worth the struggle.  I'd rather toss it and pick up something else than get frustrated trying to manhandle it into burning.  Burn issues are a huge pain.



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