Review: Wilson Adams Sumatra No 2 Robusto 5x50

             Wilson Adams is a company I must say I know little about.  I met Brandon Wilson at IPCPR last year, and ended up having a drink or two with him at the Alec Bradley event.  At the time, I had one of his Habano cigars, but did not have the time to really sit down and chat with him.  Fast forward to March this year, and my good friend Akhil at Regius was traveling to California with Wilson.  They made a point to stop in to Bakersfield and say hello, and Wilson gave me his new blend to try, the Sumatra.  My first impression was good, and I asked if he had any more on him at the time.  A few months later, Brandon messaged me and a package of samples showed up out of the blue.  Needless to say, I was excited to get to a review as I enjoyed my first experience.  Normally, I shy away from Sumatra wrapped cigars, as I rarely like them, but something about this blend intrigued me.


Wrapper:    Ecuadorian Sumatra
Binder:    Pennsylvania Broadleaf
Filler:   Predominantly Nicaraguan

Dry Draw: cocoa and musk


First Third: Maybe it is just my lack of experience with Sumatra, but the first third was very unique to me, and at times reminded me of white chocolate. Light nuts and bread came to mind at times, complimenting a creamy texture to the draw.  The slightest hints of pepper awakened the senses, and the Sumatra had perfect balance.  As the third developed, a tinge of sweetness developed on the tip of my tongue, while the sugar note it came from crept up the tongue post exhale as the finished developed.



Second Third: The white chocolate note had changed significantly, and the profile of the Sumatra became a tad greener in nature like a sweet pepper, my mind was thinking Anaheim. The term juicy was on my note pad, as the sugar notes kept coating my tongue on the exhale. Another change took place around the midpoint, and I began to get a full flavored vanilla note, which is probably why I was enjoying the cigar so much.  I love cigars that get that note from the Plasencia factory. 



Final Third: A creamy coffee note complimented the vanilla notes on the finish, and the green pepper began to kick a bit.  What really blew my mind, was a licorice note that began to hit in the final third and took over the vanilla.  The Sumatra was really teasing my note pad with different flavors at that point.  The sweetness on the tongue was still there, the green pepper was finishing well, and the licorice and coffee notes.  What a well balanced ending full of changes and depth.


Construction: it went out once, but this was the third time that happened to me this week (three different brands) and I think the weather is affecting my smoking.  I relit it once, and burnt it to the nub with ease.


Final Thoughts: Box Split – 92. I did not want to give away the review, but when I first smoked this, I was raving to Akhil and Brandon about it from the first puff.  I asked Brandon immediately if he had more and offered up Habanos in trade on the spot.  If that does not give you an idea how much I liked them, I do not know what will.  At the time, he promised to send me some, and we could work something out later.  After receiving samples, I fired one up for review, and was immediately brought back to the experience I had initially.  I really dig this cigar as a change of pace for me.  The changes keep me interested, the profile is not like anything else in my humidor, the balance is there, and the finish is excellent.  I cannot ask for more really, and if we had them in the shop I would buy a couple fivers right now.  Knowing there are several shops in California that carry this line, I will be making a drive to find some, or hitting up one of the shops in Vegas that carries them when I am there. Consider me interested in anything that Brandon Wilson blends from now on, and I have heard rumblings of some killer blends he is working on.  I will be following him on Twitter and Instagram looking for updates personally.  Thanks again for the samples Brandon, I will make sure and return the favor next time I see you and hit you up for an interview.

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