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I’ve always been fascinated with leatherface, teeth grit old guys who use tobacco: whether it be smokeless, pipes, or cigars. There is just something awesome, mysterious, and real about them. They still dress in the same wear as they did at the age of 30, so when in a group they appear to be dressed in an at least cohesive style..I don’t know what it is: the way they chew on the end of a thouroghly slobbered cigar, or unashamedly and intentionally spitting chew right at the feet of passing yuppies. Maybe the way they use their finger to tamp their pipes, or how they knock a spent bowl out onto their shoe. These guys are all very old, but appear like they could still pull a stuborn mule across a desert. You never know what these guys have done in their past, what story they have to tell. I really don’t know where I’m going with this story at all. I really just want to end up like them.

Please follow the link to catch the full story.http://www.botscast.com/wordpress/?p=715  While you're there please stay awhile, and check out the content. You just lit up a cigar or pipe, so relax and have a few laughs on us, and have a good time.

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