Andre Farkes told us that there would be a clue of what is to come form Viaje in one of the shipments of Viaje cigars to cigar stores. Above is the hint that Andre told us about. From this clue we gather that the HHG or Honey and Hand Grenades will be debuted at the IPCPR 2012. We reviewed one of ten of the pre-production Honey and Hand Grenades that Andre gave us in the spring of 2011. CLICK HERE to read our review of the Pre-production Viaje Honey and....

Printed on the front of the clue is a design consisting of a black outlined pentagon with a black outlined bee that has a hand grenade like shape for the abdomen. On the reverse of the clue are printed sets of word. The first set is “Viaje HHG”. The second set is  ”The Shiv”, “The Shank”, and “The Rapier”. This set of what we can assume are titles of cigars. These titles are separate form the the first grouping “Viaje HHG”. finally, the third set of words is “IPCPR 2012″. From this we think that only one cigar blend is hinted at and three sizes are then listed and then IPCPR 2012 obviously hints that what ever this clue is referencing will be revealed in at the IPCPR in Orlando during August 2012. 


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