Review: Viaje 2012 Holiday Blend Candy Cane

The Viaje 2012 Holiday Blend Candy Cane came to me by way of a the Smoking Greek as a part of his 13 for 2013 giveaway.   Thanks Evan for the chance to review this limited release cigar!



I was able to smell cedar, barnyard and sweet tobacco.


The Viaje 2012 Holiday Blend Candy Cane is wrapped in a colorful paper which is obviously intended to mimic Christmas wrapping paper.   It comes in a Toro vitola, measuring 6” x 54 gauge.  The cigar has an interesting presentation of two wrappers for a barber pole effect.   The cigar has two wrappers, one indicates the Viaje Holiday Blend in a Christmas green and silver, the other underneath indicates Candy Cane in a silver and red font indicative of a Christmas candy cane.



My initial impressions are sweetness and cedar with a light white pepper after taste on the post-draw.  After a while the sweetness gives way and the flavor is dominated with an earthiness and dried cedar.


There’s some nice pepper going into the middle third.  At the halfway point of the Viaje 2012 Holiday Blend I’m picking up some bright fruit notes.   As the second third starts to wind down the sweetness that was present in the first third comes back.


The final third is largely a mix of earthiness and sweetness with no other notes I could detect.


I found the draw to be slightly on the tight side which I find surprising for a large vitola and reasonably large ring gauge.    I included some pictures of some odd burning issues.  It appears that there was a gap in the center of the cigar, likely from the rolling process.  As cigars are a handmade product errors will occur.  Total smoking time was about 1 hour and 25 minutes.


The Viaje 2012 Holiday Blend Candy Cane was produced in very limited quantities (I believe 250 boxes).  When they were readily available, singles were available around $11 – $12.  Limited Edition 20 count boxes were available for around the $230 mark.  The price point is comparable to other limited run cigars.


Final Word:

It was a rare opportunity for me to try a cigar that I wouldn’t have otherwise been able to experience.  The cigar was enjoyable but I didn’t find it outstanding.  Due to the limited production run of the Viaje Holiday Candy Cane, it is extremely unlikely that you would still be able to find these.  If you enjoyed the flavor map in my review, you will definitely want to keep your eyes out for the 2013 release.  It will be very interesting to see what Andre Farkas at Viaje comes up for this year.


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