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Ever wonder what gives tobacco it’s distinct and different flavor? I did, and that’s why I jotted down this little diddy on the subject. Looking across a field of harvest ready tobacco…at first glance you become mesmerized by the emerald green flow of smoky goodness, leaves swaying back and forth and then staring back at you saying…”Pick Me…Pick Me. You're gonna want to roll me next!" While all seems tranquil…inside the plants themselves there is a complex and rapid activity taking place.


From its planting and continually through to harvest, the tobacco plant is devouring nutrients from its feeding trough, the soil. In order to support such growth, lets check out the effects of the nutrients in the soil on tobacco plant health and growth. In other words…we are going to drop the 411 on the nutritional life of a tobacco plant.


Nitrogen is generally tobacco's most important nutritional element. Tobacco consumes more nitrogen than any other nutrient. There are a wide variety of compounds that provide nitrogen, and it changes in composition and usable amounts in the soil. This creates a challenge to the grower to select the optimal carrier for each strain of tobacco he is growing.


Nitrogen deficiency in a tobacco plant is a major cause of low yield and poor quality. Growers must be good-smoking-tobacco-wise to recognizing nitrogen shortage. In the plants cells, the protoplasm, which is the semi-fluid living matter contained within the cell wall, carries on all the cell's life functions. It's composed partly of nitrogen. It is in the makeup of the plants amino acids, and without nitrogen, there could be no proteins in the protoplasm, and no life or "muscle" for the plant. In smoke talk…low Nitrogen make a "Girly-Man" plant. Lastly, chlorophyll, the organic chemical that makes plants green, contains nitrogen; and nitrogen deprivation will cause the leaves to fade to a ugly yellowish state! Then you have a crop of nothing but hog feed. Hold the phone calls...there's more coming, The Don.


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