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Calcium is important, dah…Momma told us that all our growing up. Because depressed calcium levels stunt the growing tips of the leaves, and roots don't develop satisfactorily...And the Bones will not develop Big and Strong ! Calcium is important for the cell membranes' (cell walls') it make them smart, health, and with integrity ... literally holding the cell together. Without this, the plant cannot grow. Calcium is useful in reducing the organic acidity in "sour" soils. By doing so, calcium regulates the levels of oxalic, citric, and malic acid, which are very important in tobacco...So they can get High Calcium aids the migration of nitrogen that carriers throughout the plant…from the lower to the upper leaves. It’s like the elevator in the stalk. Bet you didn’t know Tobacco plants have an elevator in them..did ya ??


In finished cigars, calcium is responsible for producing a light colored, tight ash…Down Ladies. Dark gray, broken and flaky ash shows calcium deficiency. Likewise, the cigar's ability to hold an ash without dropping is a function of calcium balance. The ability of tobacco to utilize calcium depends, of course, on the available amount of calcium in the soil. It also is affected by the interference by other elements and compounds upon the plant's ability to absorb it or other nutrients.


Tobacco requires calcium in quantities second only to nitrogen: 400 to 600 pounds per acre…that’s enough to get-um high.  Calcium deficiency causes the plant to turn a dark green-brown, OK which is it, Green or Brown ? And the leaves curl undesirably too. An excess of calcium must be avoided, however, as it can interfere with the plant's uptake of potash. Holy Smokes…this is getting better and better ! Only experience…and a Drug Manuel can tell the grower what is the right balance. Commonly-used calcium carriers are lime, dolomite, and gypsum.


Magnesium, another important ingredient, is vital in the formation of chlorophyll, the green "blood" of plants. Without sufficient magnesium, tobacco leaves lose their rich, deep emerald color. It also contributes to the generation of oils in tobacco, the oleoresins that contain the nicotine and flavor…Lord knows we want lots of Oleoresins ! A magnesium deficiency leads to dry, brittle, flavorless leaves; a magnesium-balanced plant displays that silky sheen we all recognize and admire…You Know What ? we all need to get our Silky Sheen on, don’t you think ? Magnesium is also important in the combustion of tobacco. Makes it Blow Up and Stuff.


A black ash indicates incomplete combustion of the carbon in the leaf, and is a sign of insufficient magnesium. Bad…Real Bad. We mentioned calcium's role in creating white, solid ash; magnesium can be substituted for calcium with the same desirable result, if other chemicals are in correct balance.You know…when all the stars and planets line up ! Magnesium-deficient plants can cause some cracking and premature dropping of the ash, In Med Talk that’s PD, depending on the balance of other elements in tobacco's diet.


Boron, usually plentiful in natural soil, is an essential element. It's contribution to the quality of tobacco is uncertain, I thought I would just say that to look importante amigos,  but Vogel's studies at Consolidated Cigar's R & D department...Big Shot suggest that insufficient boron, even higher concentrations of calcium are unavailable to the plant, resulting in the burn and ash problems mentioned above. So the moral of this story is to be a good supplier of Drugs to your plants !

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