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Manganese is another important element. In conjunction with magnesium, it aids in the formation of chlorophyll. It is a catalyst, stimulating the oxidation of plant tobacco's enzymes, creating enzymatic changes in the ongoing process of plant metabolism. We all know how important it is to have great metabolism…it makes our bodies absorb what we put in it !!! Even in relatively minute concentrations, Macanese is important in helping the plant to absorb and use the calcium, in the absorption and utilization of iron."


Deficiencies of manganese yield yellowish leaves and more pronounced vein, a condition called "manganese hunger." Or you could called it…”yellow veracious vein” Aluminum, another element present in all green plants, is essential during their entire growth cycle. To properly benefit tobacco, it must be added in the form of aluminum sulfate ... with care, as if used to excess, it can increase soil acidity too much…Dirt Overdose-no good !


Chlorine is not an essential growth nutrient ... plants can grow to full maturity in its complete absence. Good, that stuff burns the hell out of eyes ! In fact, with more than 2% chlorine in the leaf dry weight, the tobacco will not even burn. Thus, growers must select the animal manure they use carefully, as you want chlorine's percentage of dry leaf weight to reach a point where it inhibits tobacco from burning.


 Sulfur is important in the development of plant protein;It’s like giving the Tobacco plant a Steak for Breakfast. It also influences disease resistance. Sodium is always found in traces in the leaves, although it is not an essential element, and researchers are not certain of its function…Dumb A**** ! It does not have any harmful effects on tobacco.


Iron, found in very small amounts in tobacco leaves, is critical in the formation of chlorophyll. Its levels will determine leaf color ... usually it enhances the dark green color, but can also cause a reddish cast in some strains of tobacco. NOW that is some importante Intel !! It is not as important as the other elements, but deficiency can cause the green leaves turn to yellow…Aint no cigar smoker want a Yellow Leaf !!  


More to follow in Parta Cenco.

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