Tobacco Plant Nutrition…Growing a Bitchin Crop - Parta Cenco !

Beyond nutritional needs, tobacco is sensitive to acidity, expressed as "pH," an indication of the percentage of hydrogen detected.


High Acid soils damage the tobacco's roots, causing root rot and black root rot. That’s real bad Root Rot ! The common remedy for acidic soils is the application of lime (calcium carbonate). Rainy climates tend to be acidic, because the water washes away the calcium-bearing carbonate.


Few fertilizers are neither acid nor basic, so the application of a specific fertilizer may require generous applications of others to balance them out. It is a learn-as-you-go exercise, so get your Farmer On 1, as every tobacco has its own set of nutritional needs. It requires equal amounts of planning and knowing what you’re doing ... the grower adjusts his nutrients "on the fly…McFly," observing the characteristics of his crop as it grows ... or doesn't grow ... and adjusting the nutrients accordingly. By evaluating most cigars on the market, the uniformity of product obtained by genetical planning and proper nutrition is no longer there…everybody does His own Gig !


So, Cigar Lovers…what ever spins your propellers – Get to farming !


Completo…That’s a wrap on the Intel you needed to know about how a Tobacco Plant gets it’s Flavor !  Let us know what you think!


This is The Don shoutin out to all you Fed Heads

” Live to Smoke – Smoke to Live “ 


" Get Your Smoke On "

" BOOM ! "


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