To leave the Cellophane on or Take it off

I borrowed this from my blog as it seems to still be one of the most discussed topics.

It’s the age old question, and certainly the one single question I hear the most.  When you get your cigars, is it best to store them in the humidor with the cellophane on or off?

The purist in me leads me to want to store my cigars “naked”.  Nothing looks better than opening the lid of your humidor and seeing your prized sticks neatly stacked with their bare wrappers.  However, if having your cigars au-natural was best for them, why would the manufacturers bother with the cellophane?  The truth is, there are pros, cons, and myths involved.

One pro of keeping your cigars in the cellophane is that it protects the cigar from both you, and your other cigars.  It keeps the oil that is excreted by your cigars from mixing with the other cigars, thus changing the characteristics of the individual cigars. The process of marrying your cigars works well when you have the same cigars stored together, but if different cigars are touching without cellophane, this marrying is not a good thing.

The cellophane also keeps you from damaging your own cigars.  Every time you handle a cigar without its cellophane, you are removing some of the oils from the wrapper.  You also run the risk of over-handling and damaging the wrapper.

The cellophane is also great if you plan on transporting your cigars.  If you’re heading out to the golf course and throw a few cigars in a shirt pocket or in your golf bag, the cellophane protects the wrapper during transit.  It helps keep your cigar wrapper from tearing when subjected to the friction and wear and tear when carrying around your favorite sticks.

Now to debunk the major myth about cellophane which is: Cellophane does not allow proper humidity to reach your cigar.

This is a very common misconception.  The truth is, cellophane is porous, and it allows the humidity level contained in your humidor to adequately permeate your cigars so that they are maintained at your desired humidity.  It also allows an adequate level of air to circulate around your cigars.

Now that we have touched on the reasons why it is good to leave the cellophane on, you are probably wondering why you would ever take it off.  The truth is, there are some very good reasons why people also store their cigars without the cellophane.

If you are planning on aging your cigars, the cellophane can inhibit the aging process by almost 50%.  While the cellophane is porous, it does still limit the amount of airflow around the cigar thus slowing down the aging process.

Cellophane is also not ideal for maintaining the absolute best possible climate for your cigars.  As the cigar absorbs and transmits humidity in the regulation process, the cellophane can restrict this process within your humidor.  Think of cellophane almost like a screen door, while the door does allow air flow, it still restricts the airflow that comes into your house.

So as you can see, there are positives and negatives to each school of thought.  The only way to determine which is best for you is to determine what you plan on doing with your cigars!

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Comment by Kyle Hoover on October 28, 2011 at 2:24pm
Go naked or go home!
Comment by Shaun Hoover on October 28, 2011 at 4:00pm
Nice, Good info. I say take it all off!


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