I purchased the Tatuaje Baby Face as a part of the 2012 Little Monsters ‘Orange box’ release.  I hadn’t actually smoked any of them until October of 2013.  




I was able to detect sweet hay, barnyard and some lingering spices on a deep inhale.


The Tatuaje Baby Face comes in a petit robusto measuring 4 3/8” by 50 ring gauge.  The foot is a loose / unfinished foot with a ‘band’ that is made up of an uneven tobacco leaf and is reminiscent of human skin.  The cap itself is a nipple cap which is also unusual.

The original Drac release had an upside down band located at the foot.  Each of the Lil’ Monsters series represents a limited release cigar from a previous year in a smaller vitola.  The Baby Face represents the 2010 release of “The Face” based on the horror character Leatherface.    The original Face release also sported the unfinished foot with the nipple cap and a similar band utilizing tobacco leaf.

The Orange Lil’ Monsters box was produced in a limited run of 10,000.  Each box also included 2 of each of the Monster series cigars in smaller vitolas, along with a trading card representing one of the characters.   Along with the 5 characters matching the cigars, there was another 2 printed that were limited edition.





First Third

The first few draws are quite light in strength and body.   Initially I’m picking up lots of hay and tobacco.  There’s some light pepper present post-draw that lingers on the throat.  A few draws in and the Baby Face starts to establish itself with a nice bite to the pepper. 

There was a flavor present in the first third that I couldn’t identify.  I would almost describe it as peat moss.

Middle Third

The pepper has fallen off considerably by the time this cigar makes it into the second third.  There’s still some prominent hay flavors.  At the halfway point it becomes quite earthy.

The earth gives way to some light nutty flavors with remnants of bitter almonds as the second third wraps up.

Last Third

The flavor profile undergoes some changes in the final third.  The tobacco flavors from the first third become more intensely sweet here.   The earth has fallen off completely, the hay is almost not detectable and the pepper has come back but only on the tip of the tongue.



I used a guillotine ‘bulletproof’ cutter here for a small cut on the cap.  The draw is fairly open, similar to the Lil’ Drac.  The Baby Face produces significant amounts of smoke throughout the entire smoking experience.  Total smoking time is 1 hour and 35 minutes.


The Little Monsters series was only sold as the ‘Orange box’ back in 2012.   It’s possible that if you searched carefully you could still find a box sitting in the back of a B&Ms humidor.    At the time they were available, a box of 10 could be picked up for the bargain of $75.  Considering it contained 2 of every Monster release, I would consider the pricing to be excellent value.

Final Word:

The Tatuaje Lil’ Monster Baby Face is a good little smoke.  Overall I thought the Lil’ Drac was a superior cigar, but that shouldn’t take away from this smoking experience.


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Comment by RobbyRas on December 13, 2013 at 9:37am

one of these days we'll do the Lil Monsters Roundtable shows...

Comment by Matt Ross on December 13, 2013 at 9:43am

Schedule it for next Halloween!


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