This year has gone by faster than any I can remember in the past. The FDA legislation dropped like a storm cloud on the industry, but I remain hopeful that things will turn around in 2017.


My 2016 list will only consist of non-Cubans. While I smoke Cuban cigars, I didn’t smoke enough new releases this year to justify a separate list. I apologize to all the CC smokers out there.


Looking back on the year; when the FDA legislation and pending date of implementation was announced, I thought that would likely mean the quality of releases would plummet. With everyone rushing to release as much product as they could before the deadline, I didn’t think there would be enough time for quality control. In fact the opposite seems to be true.  This year has had some of the best cigars released in industry history.


The biggest struggle I find with compiling this list, is not with the cigars that I’ve smoked, but the vast number of cigars I haven’t smoked. I look at all the other industry lists being compiled, and find a vast list of product that I just haven’t smoked. Unfortunately there are so many weeks in the year, and I can’t smoke everything.


For the 2016 list of top cigars, I’ll be breaking it down into 5 cigar chunks in order to make the list manageable. In the past I’ve compiled and maintained a list throughout the year, but I’ve found that list hasn’t been received as well as and end of year posting.


I apologize in advance for all the manufacturer’s and releases that I didn’t get around to smoking. I truly wish I had the time and opportunity to smoke and review everything. In addition, I would have liked the opportunity to review multiple vitolas for each cigar. Cigars absolutely perform differently in various ring gauges, and shapes.


Here’s a quick snapshot of the vast list of cigars that are currently in my short term queue to be reviewed:

A.J. Fernandez: Last Call, Last Call Maduro

AVO: Fogata

Black Label Trading Company: Killer Bee, Green Hornet, NBK

Camacho: Powerband

Chogui Cigars: Dos 77 Lonsdale

Cohiba: Red Dot 2016

Cordoba & Morales: Clave Cubana, Fina Sante Fe, Meridian, Platino Sumatra

Crowned Heads: Angel’s Anvil 2016

D’Crossier: Pennsylvania Avenue

Drew Estate: Herrera Esteli Inktome

Epic Cigars: La Rubia, Maduro Fuerte, San Andres

Espinosa Cigars: Laranja Reserva DeSocio

General Cigar Company: Hoyo La Amistad

Illusione: Singulare 2016

Macanudo: Mao LE

Maya Selva: Flor de Selva Maduro

MBombay: Vintage Reserve Lancero 1973

Nestor Miranda: Nestor Mirdana Corojo

Partagas: Ramon y Ramon

Quesada: Oktoberfest 2016 Dominican and Nicaraguan editions

Recluse: Amadeus Connecticut Lancero, Amadeus Habano Lancero

Room 101: Chief Cool Arrow

Southern Draw Cigars: Code Duello Firethorn, Firethorn Pome Lancero

Viva Republica: Art of War


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