As I wrote in my introduction article, I’ll be posting my countdown in blocks of 5 cigars. I do realize this doesn’t provide instant gratification of seeing who is #1, but it does allow me to sleep between writing articles.


In order to qualify for my list this year a cigar must meet the following criteria:

  • It either had to have been formally reviewed, or smoked more than 3 times
  • Has to have been released in 2016. If it was a pre-release it will move to 2017
  • Line extensions to a previously released cigar will count


#25: Consigliere - CAO Cigars


The CAO Consigliere is a re-launch of the very successful CAO Sopranos Edition cigar. The wrapper returns to the original Brazilian Mata Fina, with a Honduran binder, and Columbian, Dominican, and Nicaraguan fillers. All offered at an MSRP of $6.99 for the Associate (5x52 Robusto).

I’ve smoked enough CAO Consigliere that I should have done a review by now. I assure you it’s in the queue before I smoke through all the Consigliere’s I have.

I can tell you with confidence it is a very good cigar, and one that will do well in the market for a long time.


#24: Time Flies - Foundry Tobacco Company


Foundry Tobacco Company made a big splash at the 2016 IPCPR in Las Vegas. It has a Habano 2000 wrapper, Nicaraguan binder, and Nicaraguan fillers. The cigar was adorned with a reflective holographic band, with various motivational expressions. The box packaging came in bright paint splashed blue, green, red, and yellow. Each color designating a particular vitola.

The cigar is also strikingly tasty. I’ve been too busy enjoying the Time Flies to sit down for a formal review, but it will be coming in the new year.


#23: Le Careme - Crowned Heads

Video Review

Audio Review


Connecticut Broadleaf, Ecuadorian Sumatra binder, and fillers from Nicaragua.

I think the Le Careme represents one of Jon Huber’s best release in recent history. He’s managed to blend a cigar with a broadleaf wrapper that isn’t dominated by typical broadleaf flavors.

Interesting. Affordable. Delicious.

I stand by my assessment that this could be a daily cigar.


#22: The Voyage - Baracoa Cigar Company

Video Review

Audio Review


Featuring a Dominican Corojo wrapper from 2011, Ecuador binder, with Dominican and Nicaraguan fillers. Produced out of the La Aurora factory so you know quality control is top notch.

Danny Vazquez has managed to set a high bar for himself, on his very first release. The Voyage took me around the flavor map, and didn’t stop until I nubbed it.

Now that Baracoa has produced a great cigar, the pressure is on to repeat it in 2017.


#21: Code Duello Kudzu - Southern Draw Cigars

Video Review

Audio Review


Featuring a Habano Oscuro wrapper, Nicaraguan binder and filler. Sold as a two pack, with the underlying concept of solving modern problems by way of a cigar duel.

The Code Duello Kudzu is an interesting marketing concept for a cigar, backed up by a rich and balanced smoke experience.

Share with a friend, or smoke them both. You won’t regret it.


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