REVIEW: RoMa Craft Intemperance BA Maduro Envy Short Perfecto


             Wrapper: Brazilian Arapirica

             Binder/Filler: Nicaraguan

             This is not my first run around with RoMa Craft, and they actually can be attributed as to why I write for Cigarfederation today.  I was introduced to the brand, when Rob at RobbyRasReviews, invited me to do a group review that involved one of their blends. As I attempted to review two cigars way outside my comfort zone without subjectivity, this led to him asking me to get involved with his site.  I am not a huge fan of bold Nicaraguan cigars, or bold cigars to begin with, but believe in being as objective as possible; thus, I attempt to review cigars outside of my comfort zone, or with no information on blend.  So for the weak sauce Dominican conny fanboy who was intimidated by their bold conny, I decided to manup and give the Intemperance a shot.  The wrapper was dark, oily, and glistened in the night, suggesting my palate might get smashed by wolves of doom lurking inside the beast.

Prelight: Pre-draw notes were oak, dark espresso, and milk chocolate with a gorgeous wrapper.  I must say I love the shape and feel.

First Third: Immediately, my nostrils were burning, but a wonderful sweetness was settling on my lips and sitting mid tongue.  Up front, the Intemperance was definitely full bodied, with dark cocoa and espresso notes smashing my tongue.  Smoke output was intense, and the small figurado opened up immediately adding in charred oak flavors, and backing down in body as soon as the taper burned out.  The quick change was quite impressive really, and the wolves had been tamed for the time being.  The sweet chocolate flavors developed on the draw, encompassing my entire mouth and tongue, while the oak flavors built on the retrohale.  Two thumbs up from this guy as the flavors were bold, but not overpowering, and very rich and intense with just the right amount of drama in the beginning.

Second Third: The profile mellowed, was consistent, and very enjoyable for my tastes at this point.  The chocolate and espresso flavors were dancing on my palate by now, well balanced, with a hint of spice in the back of my mouth.  The oak flavors became very heavy and well defined on the finish, and I was quite surprised at how smooth the Intemperance stayed, while picking up slightly in body nearing the final third.


Final Third: Sweet chocolate was really coming back into the forefront, and the retrohale added the perfect amount of complexity and sting to entice my senses.  Espresso and oak undertones were still developing with each draw and retrohale. 


Final Thoughts: The Intemperance is a wonderful example of Brazlian Maduro done right.  There was enough power for those looking, mellow enough for guys like me, and enough complexity to satisfy the aficionado. Honestly, I had a similar vitola from a similar company a few days before this and I would easily gravitate to the RoMa.  Being I am not big on maduro’s, this is still a fiver buy for me, as it is the perfect complement to steak dinner, and or dessert coffee drinks. I would definitely recommend it as the occasional maduro for mild-med fans.  I look forward to trying the toro next, and exploring the line entirely.  I highly recommend this to fans of bold Nicaraguan blends, fans of Brazilian blends, and maduro fanatics.  For that crowd, this is necessary cigarline to explore.  I cannot wait to try the CroMagnon next. For more information on the brand, visit: HavaCigars.

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