Reviews: Ramon Allones Edición Regional Gran Bretaña Petite Belicosos

             Ramon Allones is a brand I have little experience with, and I hate to say that really, because I adore the RASS and it has always been one of my favorite robustos.  I had a box of TEB AUG08 that was legendary, and I wish I never gave them out to my buddies they were so good.  There is something about the Ramon Allones profile that hits the palate with a wonderful honey note that drives me crazy.  I happened to receive this Gran Bretaña Exclusivo from Perkinke as a gift on the forums, and man I was excited when I saw it.  Knowing it was a newer regional release, I did want to wait a bit to fire it up, but I could wait no longer.  The size is a petite belicosos, which is a bit shorter then a normal belicosos at 4.9in, but still has the 52 ring gauge.  The release came in boxes of 10 in 2012, with 5,000 total being made.

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Comment by Charlie on October 24, 2014 at 11:03am

I've enjoyed these quite a bit, along with the Canadian Petit Unicos, I still think age will do these bad boys good. I have part of a box left that will be resting for a few more years...


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