Review: Viva Republica Cigars Rapture Revel

This cigar came to me by way of side trade with Matt Ross  from Twitter and formerly aficionado of the month on Reddit /r/cigars.


Fantastic nose to start.  Chocolate, cedar, spice with the spice dominating the profile.


The wrapper on the Rapture Revel is light colored with no imperfections.  The cigar measures 5.5" x 54.



Very sweet on the first few draws, but then I immediately get a slightly bitter and earthy after taste.  It's a puzzling combination.  A few draws in and the bitterness goes away, but the earthiness becomes a very strong flavor.  Around 10 minutes into the first third the sweetness comes back and the flavors seem to stabilize into a mixture of light earth, slight sweetness and hints of wood.


The middle third is primarily a combination of woody flavors and creaminess throughout.  The earth that was present in the first is barely perceptible here.


The last third is largely dominated by strong earthy flavors that were present in the first third.  If there are other notes here I can't detect them.


The draw was absolutely normal.  Had some burn issues that required a few touch ups.  Had an issue taking off the band cleanly, there was a lot of glue used.  Massive amounts of smoke produced, even when the cigar was resting smoke was billowing off of it.    Total smoking time was approximately 2 hours and 25 minutes.


The Rapture Revel can be found at about $8 for a single.  5-packs are approximately $37.   A box of 20 will cost you $147.  This is a pretty average price, somewhat on the inexpensive side for a boutique cigar brand.

Final Word:

What can I say other than this cigar was not my cup of tea.  I read up on Viva Republica and found that they partnered with La Aurora to deliver their cigar line.  It stands to reason that if you find you're a fan of La Aurora flavor profiles this might be a great choice for you at a price that won't break the bank.


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