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Victor Sinclair Primeros Robusto (5.5 x 50)
      Welcome back to The Cigar Collection! Today's review will cover another cigar sent to me from Sheryl at StogieBoys. You do know you guys spoil me right? Anyways, I appreciate everything you do for me and am glad to have you all behind me one hundred percent!
   This cigar has a very smooth natural wrapper with slight tooth. Veins are minimal but large. Sniffing the foot, I gather sweet grass and hay scents and maybe a little nuttiness. The pre-light draw reveals some spice on the lips, leathery texture and flavor, and a comfortably open draw.
   I toast the foot and receive subtle hints of spice as leather and cedar components make the first flavor barrage. Smoke output is heavy from the draw and foot smoke. The draw smoke is creamy in texture and leaves a slight sweetness on my lips. Smooth smoke flows thru the cigar into my mouth with light hints of tobacco spice and earthiness. A white pepper smokiness is noted in the retro-hale. The draw line is quite even.
   This cigar is driven by sweet and spicy tobacco flavors (which are mild in flavor, yet still pronounced). Very subtle, yet defined cedar notes appear throughout the draw. Mild coffee flavors begin to appear on the palate. This is a very relaxing cigar with subtle hints of flavor. Definitely something to smoke with no distractions. Coffee notes are mild and roasted nutty flavors come into play. The retro-hale is still extremely smooth. Flavors are staying consistent at the moment with no major changes. The mild sweet and spicy tobacco notes and tasty and are a high quality component in this smoke. I'm enjoying the subtle nuances of familiar flavors. The ash is holding strong at about two inches in length.
   More mild coffee notes enter the mix as the second third begins. I'm tasting hints of nutmeg and cinnamon, possibly just one of the two. Very minute flavors. The finish is medium in length and quite leathery. The leathery flavors have just about disappeared from the palate altogether.
   Woody smokiness now enters the retro-hale smoke as well as appearing on the finish. Earthiness makes its way into the draw smoke, but only slightly. The burn line is still quite even as the foot smoke flow slows down. The draw smoke however is still smooth and abundant. The cigar itself has remained quite cool to the touch as the final third approaches.
   Rich tobacco flavors begin to pop as the cedar and coffee notes sit at the back of my palate to simmer. The cigar is still smoking smooth. Spice is still making its presence known, tobacco and earth spices, but there is no defined pepper flavor.
   The earthy and coffee notes increase in flavor. Nutmeg and cinnamon had only appeared in this smoke for a brief moment; the nutmeg lingers slightly. I highly recommend this cigar for retro-haling if you don't do it very often. Smooth smoke thru the nose with defined flavors.
    This final third is burning extremely slow. Woodiness, earth spice, and tobacco notes take over the flavor profile now. The finish is still medium in length with lingering spice at the back of my tongue. There are no major flavor changes at this point; just a little more spice and a little more coffee. This is a very laidback smoke with subtle flavor notes and little to no nicotine strength. I highly recommend this cigar for newcomers to the cigar world and fresh reviewers. I also definitely recommend this to someone wanting to try a mild, smooth, and flavorful cigar. This is a new cigar that I normally wouldn't smoke, but I enjoyed it thoroughly. You could be surprised to find something you like when you step outside of your comfort zone!

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