Review: Victor Sinclair 55 Series Yellow (Cameroon)

Victor Sinclair 55 Series Yellow (Cameroon) Churchill (7 x 50)
   Today, I have another review for StogieBoys! I think Sheryl is wanting me to become her review slave. What ever am I to do? Anyways...jokes aside, I have enjoyed many cigars sent to me from Sheryl and the crew and hope to enjoy many more like the one I am about to review.
   This company, Victor Sinclair, has various offerings for smokers. Whether you're an every once in a while smoker, or every day full bodied smoker, you'll find at least one cigar that pleases you. I enjoy variety and quality, and the cigars churning out of this factory offer both.
   I begin this cigar like any other, with appearance first. It is a light brown, almost a caramel color Cameroon wrapper. The stick is toothy with an even amount of veins and visible seams. Sniffing the foot I detect notes of hay, earth, coffee, and a little spice. The pre-light draw is open with just the right amount of resistance offering hints of earth, coffee, and spice.
   I toast the foot of the cigar with little trouble; because of the slight breeze coming in it takes a minute. Very smooth spice hits the palate. I begin to taste light coffee and earthy notes along with a smoky woodiness reminiscent of pleasant aromas from burning wood. A tobacco sweetness appears as well.
   Leathery notes start flowing thru the draw smoke and join the flavor party. The foot of the cigar emits thin, wispy streams of smoke. The burn line is uneven but needs no touch-up at this point. Retro-haling is smoky, woody, and smooth. Draw smoke consistency is chunky and full. Tobacco spice is becoming more present from the draw as light earthy undertones float around the palate. The finish is mild, short, and a bit leathery.
   Sweet and salty caramel presents itself in small doses to mix with the coffee; it is very vague, but still noticeable. A slight touch-up is needed to even out the burn line so it doesn't get carried away. The sweet and salty caramel notes dominate the draw smoke along with the cedar and smoky flavors.
   I dip into the garage to get my cigar and laptop out of the sprinkling rain. I taste nuttiness on the finish with a touch of sweetness. This is a very slow-burning stick with a lot of subtle flavors. The ash falls off after about an inch, inch and a half. Draw smoke begins to gather a creamy texture as leather hits the palate in waves and is also textural. Retro-haling is smoky with sweet tobacco flavors hitting the back of my mouth and tongue. Back outside I go; the upstairs sprinklers are off.
   Approaching the second third, heavy notes of cedar come thru the draw as smoke output increases. I still taste slight nuttiness on the back of my tongue. Spice increases; earthy and tobacco spices. Retro-haling is still smooth but with a touch of spice now with the smooth woody smokiness.
   In this second third, caramel notes have transformed into light chocolate notes on the finish, which is at a medium length and very pleasant. The ash is about an inch in length (first third ash has already fallen), a dirty grey color, and slightly flowering at the top. Creaminess picks up a little on the draw. The cigar remains quite cool near the burn line, which has remained quite even since the touch-up. Toasty flavors enter the profile via retro-hale. I tap off a little more than an inch of ash to re-light the cigar.
   After relighting, all I can taste is woodiness and spice. The foot smoke now has a blue tint to it. Very cool looking. This has been a very pleasant smoke thus far with subtle notes of various flavors. I attest the subtleties to the size and minimal aging time (a week or so length of time in my humidor). The toasty flavor dips in and out of the draw now. Nicotine pokes me in the dome and lets me know it might show up later to hang out.
   The draw smoke is still creamy and full; more smooth than chunky now. Tobacco sweetness kicks in now as the woodiness is now on the backburner. Toast takes the forefront with slight hints of nuttiness and cocoa. The finish is still at a medium length; leathery with hints of cocoa. It is also a tad dry.
   I take a little break to attend to my waking children and grab something to eat. I cleanse my palate with some ice water and return. I have another inch or so of ash to tap off before I relight. Instant tobacco spice floods my mouth as I relight the cigar once more.
   Approaching the final third, nicotine slowly creeps in. The cigar is warming up a bit and spice is picking up on the finish as cocoa floats around aimlessly. Retro-haling brings lots of spice, a diminishing toast flavor, cedar, and a bit of leather.
   The finish has smoothed out, mild and medium in length. Campfire smokiness enters the draw in short bursts of flavor as I'm making headway in the final third. Smoke output is still at a slow and steady pace with wispy foot smoke. Heavy draw smoke gets chunkier by the minute. Lots of woodiness comes thru the draw now and a bit of nuttiness thru the retro-hale.
   The cigar is getting very warm now and I am tasting a lot of the same flavors. A cedar woodiness and spice take precedence. I'm at the point where I've gathered enough from this cigar and it's offerings of flavor. It was a pleasant smoke with quite a few flavors to behold, but by this final third the cigar has exhausted its exciting flavors and it has become less appealing.
   For the price point, I would definitely recommend this cigar (for myself, another vitola) as a daily smoke. At a medium strength for this size and just the right amount of flavors to keep you interested, this is a good stick for relaxing, working, and in this case: reviewing. Thank you all for your continued support and interest in The Cigar Collection. I'll meet you guys here for the next review! Until then, enjoy your smokes. 

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