This was sent to me from RobbyRasReviews for their Roundtable video discussion. Cigars sponsored by PodMan Cigars.


I managed to pick up a mixture of sweet tobacco and honey.  


The thing that struck me most here is that the band was quite understated.  It has a classy logo of Viaje with a second band identifying it as an Oro.   The cigar feels very firm and comes across as very tightly rolled.  The wrapper is a light chocolate color.  No imperfections or constructions issues.



This started off with the triple flavors of a light spice, cocoa and molasses.  Each puffs came across as quite sweet, but not overpoweringly so.  The thing that stood out in my mind is that there is no after taste at all on exhale.  At the halfway point I started to pick up a light tobacco taste on my tongue.  Very consistent flavors through the entire first.


The second third added some leather into the mix and some light earth.  The earth doesn't come across as acrid at all.   Just like the first third the middle is quite consistent and enjoyable.


The final third added dried fruits, approaching a raising flavor.   No third stood out as they were all consistent and enjoyable.


I had some canoeing issues about 10 - 15 minutes in but that could have been a result of the humidity from shipping (and me not leaving enough rest time).  Draw was even throughout and total smoking time was approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes.


The Viaje Oro Fuerza is available for approximately $8 a single and $190 for a box of 28.   The combination of flavors and price point make these a good value.  

Final Word:

This was a very tasty cigar.  I would rate the strength as a medium to medium full.  I didn't find the strength or flavors to be too overpowering, they were quite balanced.   If you enjoyed the flavor profiles I listed and you enjoy cigars in the medium+ strength category I'd recommend picking a couple of these sticks to try for yourself.

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