Review: Viaje White Label Project Super Shot 12 Gauge

In 2013, Andre Farkas of Viaje released a unique Super Shot vitola in the White Label Project portfolio. At the time, all of Viaje's releases were small batch, but this was a unique release as it was the first Super Shot release in the White Label Project portfolio. The cigar was called the Viaje White Label Project Super Shot 12 Gauge, and it was a cigar that was an accident. The accident occurred in 2012 when Raices Cubanas accidentally rolled a Super Shot with the length of a 10 Gauge, but the ring gauge of a 12 Gauge. Thus, a 3 1/2" by 52 ring gauge Super Shot. 7,500 cigars were rolled in this manner, so Farkas decided to keep them, age them and release them later on. Today we look at this release after two plus years of aging. 

Cigar: Viaje White Label Project Super Short 12 Gauge

Country of Origin: Honduras 

Factory: Raices Cubanas

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Criollo

Binder: Nicaragua

Filer: Nicaragua

Length: 3 1/2"

Ring Gage: 52

Vitola: Petit Robusto

Production: 300 bundles of 25 cigars (7,500 cigars)

The cigar is heavy in hand, firm and rolled well. The wrapper itself has some medium sized veins throughout and comes with a nicely finished cap. The wrapper has a nice marbled coloring and it is showing some dark Colorado and Maduro qualities. In terms of an aroma, the cigar has an aroma of rich earth, strong manure and chocolate. The aroma is present on the wrapper and the closed foot, and it shows those rich Nicaraguan aromas, even for the age that has come with this cigar. 

The first half opens up by delivering a lot of the flavors that are present in the aroma and it is showing those rich earth, strong manure and dark chocolate notes. The chocolate notes are really that of chocolate cake and it is finished with a nice sweet spice cinnamon flavor profile that is absolutely great. It has a long finish and it is a filling blend. I would classify the cigar as being somewhat complex while being very enjoyable. It has a body and strength level at that medium-full level and the same goes for the flavors of the cigar. The construction thus far has not been great and it has produced an uneven burn line requiring some touch ups. The draw is perfect though and it is producing a lot of smoke with a cool finish. The ash has that dark charcoal color on the end and it is what you get with Viaje.

When I get into the second half of the cigar I find that the flavor profile remains in line with the first half, but it is delivering a little bit more spice to the blend overall. I am getting some nice dark chocolate and and earth flavors and it has that finish of manure, soft pepper and cinnamon. I am finding that the complexity is in line with the first half and it has shown little transitioning as well. It is a balanced cigar though that is rich overall. The cigar remains at that medium-full level for body, strength and flavors, and with that it in mind it is a cigar that is to my liking. The construction has improved greatly in this half and it is showing a more even burn line with that dark charcoal ash on the end. The draw is cool, producing a nice bit of smoke, and the finish is smooth while delivering those rich flavors from before.

I am a huge fan of the Criollo Super Shot releases, particularly the Zombie Super Shot release. I love the size on the smokes and the flavors that come with them. There are not many Criollo releases from Viaje and the Casa Fernandez crew, but their work with Criollo in the Super Shot offerings is a great one. What makes this White Label Project Super Shot release fun is that it keeps the smaller ring gauge of 52 that comes with the 12 Gauge offering, but it also has the 10 Gauge release length of 3 1/2". I personally would love to have this be a size in the Super Shot run, but I know that would cause mass confusion overall. With that being said, this is a fun release that really shows some fun flavors throughout. It was not overly complex or showing a lot of transitioning, but in no ways was it a bad cigar. After the Zombie Super Shot, this is my favorite Super Shot that Farkas and Viaje have released. They are not available anymore, but if you still have them, good for you. I give the cigar a solid 87 rating.    

Rating: 87 AKA "5 Pack" 

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