Review: Ventura Cigar Custom /r/Cigars Release

This cigar was a custom blend in 2012 for the Reddit /r/cigars group by Ventura Cigar Company.


Some spice and sweet tobacco with hay and barnyard.​


This custom cigar is a Salomon sized 6 3/4" x 54 with a pig-tail cap.  No flaws and no veins present.



A good amount of pepper on my lips and in my mouth on the first few draws.  Some sweetness starts to come through almost a caramel brown sugar flavor.  A slight burnt flavor comes through about 10 minutes in, almost as if the wrapper or binder was over cured.  Initially I find the flavor profile quite flat.

It becomes more complex at the halfway point of the first third.  A combination of woody and leather.  The burnt ashy flavor is still present but muted.  An earthy flavor takes over as the first third winds down.​


Very earthy to start the second third.  The earth drops off after a few minutes and some dry woody tastes come through.   At the halfway point the impression I'm left with is that it needs to be purged a few times.  I let it sit for about 10 minutes and the flavor evened out.​


Leather and earth are the predominant two flavors in the last third.  You're left with a hint of sweet tobacco that comes through after each draw. ​


It went out at the halfway point when I purged it and let it rest.  Other than that I had no burn issues.​


This was a one time production run for the /r/cigars community.  I picked up 4 packages and I intend to give one or 2 packages to C4ddy. ​ Each cigar 2-pack was $15, so $7.50 per single.  The price is decent considering it's a custom release.

Final Word:

I can't say I was a fan of this particular blend.  The flavors were dominated by earth and a slight burnt ashy flavor for the first two thirds.  It may be a situation where these cigars just need some aging time in my humidor.  I will revisit the custom /r/Cigars blended cigars in a few months to compare my initial experience.  ​

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