The Tatuaje Mummy is part of the annual Halloween Monster series.  Each release has corresponding ​limited edition boxes that make up a small number of the overall run.  The 2012 release was 666 boxes of 13 coffins that were in high demand.   It is the 5th release in the Monster series.  I picked up a non-dress box of these from Union Cigars Society when I visited Seattle in November for an NFL game.


Cedar and a light earth with nothing else going on here.​


The Mummy is an enormous cigar at ​(7 3/4 x 47).  It features a closed foot and has a simple grey band with white lettering.  There are raised veins present throughout the wrapper and no visible flaws.



The first starts off quite nutty and is light and creamy on the exhale.  After a few minutes there are some sweet citrus flavors coming through.  As I continue to take long deep draws I'm still overwhelmed at how big this cigar is and just how much is left to smoke.  Twenty minutes in and I've barely made a dent.   Overall the first third was quite tasty but I wouldn't describe the flavor profile as very complex.​


The middle starts out with leather flavors but they are quite light.  I'm also picking up a combination of earth and creamy sweetness.  There's still not a lot of flavor complexity but tobacco strength is starting to hit home.  I'm not sure if it's the cigar itself or I'm just smoking too fast.  The Mummy hits the sweet spot at the halfway mark.​


​A little acrid as I move into the final third.   The acrid flavors drop off quickly and are replaced with the same nutty flavors present in the first third.   I find myself quite overwhelmed in the final third and decided I couldn't smoke any further.


​Singles of the Mummy were originally available for around $13, but may be quite tough to find now.  Boxes of 10 in a non-dress box were available for $130 but like the singles will be quite difficult to locate now.  The price on these is a bit higher than other premium and limited release cigars, even if it is a large vitola.


​For a cigar as large as this, I was surprised that no touch ups were required.  Burn was consistent throughout and the draw wasn't too open or closed.  Total smoking time was approximately 1 hour 45 minutes.

Final Word:

The annual Monster release is an interesting and unique event.  The ​Mummy dress box was very interesting and although I didn't particularly enjoy my initial review of this cigar, I intend to take a leisurely afternoon to try it again.  If you haven't had the opportunity to try any of the Tatuaje Monster series I would definitely recommend you jump on a sampler box or a release box quickly when they come out in 2013.


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