Brand: Tatuaje

Line: Nuevitas Esteli

Size: Robusto (5 x 52)

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Corojo 99

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan

MSRP: $8.50

Cigars smoked for review: 1

Cigars for review provided by: Tatuaje Cigars

Quick Note: For this review I used Cigar Federation's rating system


The wrapper on the Neuvitas Esteli is a milk chocolate brown color with a very smooth overall appearance. The cigar has a very barnyard-like smell with damp hay and wood qualities. The prelight draw brings on some sweet cedar notes along with a grassy quality and some mild pepper spice was noticeable on my lips and tongue. After the cutting the cap with a straight cut the draw is perfect for me with some resistance but not too much.

First Third:

After lighting the initial draws bring a gentle black pepper spice that is pleasant and not too overpowering. The immediate flavor profile is slightly floral with some wood notes. Progressing into the cigar more I am picking up some sweet qualities balance well with the wood and floral flavors. Further into the first third I also notice some chocolate-coffee notes (like when someone says a coffee has chocolate flavors). I find myself enjoying the finish of this cigar. It has a leather quality that settles on the palate after retrohaling with a very gentle and warming type of spice.

The first third was medium body and medium strength.

Second Third:

In the second third leather notes become a more significant part of the overall profile along with the wood qualities; floral notes and sweetness fade to the background. As the second third progresses further I also start to pick up some nutty flavors that join the wood qualities and become a major part of the overall flavor profile. Toward the end of the second third I also detect a slight saltyness from time to time that reminds me of the flavor you get when biting a peanut shell.

The second third was medium body and medium strength.

Final Third:

I don’t notice a transition of flavor going into the final third. The wood and leather notes continue with that nutty quality. Progressing through the final third the leather notes really take front and center, while the woody/cedar qualities remain in the background. The floral and sweetness also fades, and becomes barely noticeable but still a part of the finish.

The final third remained medium body and medium strength.

Total smoking time was about 1 hour 30 minutes

Final Thoughts:

The Nuevitas Esteli is a unique cigar in the Tatuaje profile and offers up flavors I don’t typically get from the other lines. I typically get a savory/meaty quality that acts as a core common factor in most Tatuaje releases. The Nuevitas differs by offering more woody, nutty and leather flavors without that savory component. I really enjoyed this cigar and think it offers up a great change of pace for all the Tatuaje fans out there. If you are not typically a fan of Tatuaje then this offering might be a good entry point into the portfolio.

Jason’s Rating: 93 (AKA “Box Split”)

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