Review: Tatuaje Lil’ Drac (2012 Little Monsters)

I purchased the Tatuaje Lil’ Drac as a part of the 2012 Little Monsters ‘Orange box’ release.  I hadn’t actually smoked any of them until October of 2013.  




After careful nosing the only thing I was able to identify was cedar.


The Tatuaje Lil’ Drac comes in a torpedo vitola measuring 5” by 48 ring gauge.  It is triple capped, and the wrapper is a dark black color with tooth present throughout. 

Each of the Lil’ Monsters series represents a limited release cigar from a previous year in a smaller vitola. The Lil’ Drac is a smaller version of The Drac cigar released October of 2009.  

The black and red band for the Lil’ Drac is placed in the typical band location, while the original Drac release had an upside down band located at the foot.  The Orange Lil’ Monsters box was produced in a limited run of 10,000.  Each box also included 2 of each of the Monster series cigars in smaller vitolas, along with a trading card representing one of the characters.   Along with the 5 characters matching the cigars, there was another 2 printed that were limited edition.





First Third

Chocolate mixed with a dry woody flavor.  What a ‘monstrously’ amazing start to this cigar.  I star to pick up sweet raisins a few minutes in.

The draw is very clean on the palate with almost no lingering after taste. 

About 10 minutes in I start to get a hint of nuts on the post draw.

Middle Third

The flavors didn’t transition for me moving into the middle third.   It wasn’t until the middle of the Lil’ Drac that some pepper started coming through.

The flavors are still extremely balanced and I’m enjoying this cigar very much.

Last Third

As with the second third, the flavors did not evolve moving into the last third.  



I made a guillotine cut on this and it was definitely towards the open side of the draw.   The cigar went out at the halfway mark, but I attribute that to the cold weather I was smoking in.  Total smoke time was 1 hour and 35 minutes.


The Little Monsters series was only sold as the ‘Orange box’ back in 2012.   It’s possible that if you searched carefully you could still find a box sitting in the back of a B&Ms humidor.    At the time they were available, a box of 10 could be picked up for the bargain of $75.  Considering it contained 2 of every Monster release, I would consider the pricing to be excellent value.

Final Word:

The Tatuaje Lil’ Drac exceeded all expectations I had.  It is an unbelievably smooth and balanced cigar with very defined flavors.  After writing up this review, I found myself searching out the original 2009 release to compare.  Unfortunately I think I’m too late to the party here.  Hopefully Tatuaje has a revival release of these at some point in the future. 


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