Review: Tatuaje Frank Jr. (2012 Little Monsters)

I purchased the Tatuaje Frank Jr. as a part of the 2012 Little Monsters ‘Orange box’ release.  I hadn’t actually smoked any of them until October of 2013.  




I’m able to pick up pepper, cedar and faint coffee.



The Tatuaje Frank Jr. comes in a corona gorda vitola measuring 5 5/8” and 44 ring gauge.  The cigar is box pressed and the wrapper is quite dark and features a triple cap.  The band is a green with black lettering indicating ‘little Tatuaje monsters’ similar to the rest of the line.

Each of the Lil’ Monsters series represents a limited release cigar from a previous year in a smaller vitola.  The Frank Jr. represents the 2008 release of “The Frank” based on the horror character Frankenstein.    The Frank original 2008 release was also double corona, measuring 7 5/8” by 49 ring gauge. 

The Orange Lil’ Monsters box was produced in a limited run of 10,000.  Each box also included 2 of each of the Monster series cigars in smaller vitolas, along with a trading card representing one of the characters.   Along with the 5 characters matching the cigars, there was another 2 printed that were limited edition.




First Third

The first few draws and I’m getting nuts with some cedar post-draw.  After a few draws when the first third settles in I start to pick up some sweetness.  There is a sharp pepper flavor on the retro-hale that increases in intensity until it is a part of the post-draw flavors.  

I find this to be the most complex Lil’ Monster of the series and if the first is any indication this is shaping up to be my favorite cigar.

Middle Third

The cedar from the first third becomes the dominant flavor going into the second third.  There’s some creaminess that comes through at the halfway point.

Last Third

The nutty flavors from the first third are more intense in the last third.  The sweetness from the middle third is also increased in strength.

As the final third comes to a close there is some light earth and hay that comes through.  The nutty flavors become very strong to finish. 



Very nice draw and a clean burn throughout.  A good amount of smoke production.  Total smoking time was just under 2 hours.


The Little Monsters series was only sold as the ‘Orange box’ back in 2012.   It’s possible that if you searched carefully you could still find a box sitting in the back of a B&M humidor.    At the time they were available, a box of 10 could be picked up for the bargain of $75.  Considering it contained 2 of every Monster release, I would consider the pricing to be excellent value.

Final Word:

The Frank Jr. is an outstanding cigar from start to finish.  The flavors are very smooth and balanced and it starts out great and continue to build to a crescendo of complexity by the end.   It’s a shame that The Frank was released back in 2008, it’s almost a certainty that they would be impossible to find at this point.

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