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Got this when I saw that bundles of 10 were being sold as a limited edition.  The regular production Avion 13 will have Connecticut Broadleaf wrappers so this was a pre-release limited edition with the original wrapper type.  As I like to do with the Fausto line and other Ecuador Habano wrapped cigars, I paired it with a dry red wine.


I am a big fan of the Fausto and Avion lines so the aroma from the unlit cigar was no surprise.  It has a great mix of barnyard on the foot, sweet tobacco, and light cocoa from the wrapper.


This is a great looking cigar.  It is fairly large, measuring 6 7/8" x 52, but doesn't feel intimidating in the hand.  With a nice box press and dark Ecuador Habano wrapper, the Avion 13 FF is a beauty.  Minimal veins and solid yet a little springy when squeezed.



The cigar started off with a lot of cedar and some slight pepper.  The first few puffs were not very complex and had a woody, toasty flavor.  Once the burn reached the box press and got past the tapered end is where things really took off.  Notes of rich tobacco, black pepper, and cocoa mingle together for a nice and balanced flavor profile.  There is a cedar note that comes and goes.


Loads of chewy smoke are coming off this stick and the flavors have slightly changed.  There is a creaminess that developed about the halfway point.  The main flavor is rich and sweet tobacco with underlying black pepper on the finish.  At times there are notes of charred meat and almost a steak sauce flavor that quickly disappears.  The cocoa note has almost disappeared as well.




Still very rich and flavorful.  The strength is amping up but the body is dying down.  The smoke is not as creamy at this point and there is noticeably less coming off the foot.  The cocoa flavor has come back and intermingles with spicy red and black pepper.  The finish leaves you tasting strong pepper and slightly sweet tobacco.  Toward the last couple of inches the flavors seem to get muted and it begins to taste like burning cedar and not much else.  The cigar never gets harsh or bitter but becomes much less flavorful as the burn nears the band.


The draw was flawless.  I clipped the torpedo head about a third inch down and this provided a nice flow of smoke with just the right amount of resistance.  The burn however, was another story.  The first half of the cigar burned pretty good.  I was getting a 1.5 inch ash and a mostly even burn line.  But after the first half, I had to constantly touch up one side of the cigar.  This might be due to the windy conditions on my rooftop deck but it was distracting and also kept me from getting the full flavor since half the wrapper was not burning.  I had to keep lighting the bottom side of the cigar and eventually put it out before the burn reached the band.


Since the other Avion lines cost around $10 and this is a bigger cigar, the $8 per stick that I paid seems like a steal.  Especially considering that this is a limited edition Tatuaje and will go up in value.  But the fact that it didn't burn evenly has me detract a point.

Final Word:

Everything about this cigar except the burn was great.  It was flavorful, complex, and powerful.  The strength really snuck up on me.  It may be because I was drinking some strong wine as well, but when I stood up around the halfway point, I was a little dizzy.  This was the good, light nicotine buzz though.  Not the kind that makes you feel sick, just the kind that let's you know you had a decent dose of vitamin N.  My only complaint is that the cigar burned very poorly halfway through.  It was seriously a chore to keep it burning correctly and distracted me from my enjoyment.  Maybe these need more rest or I could have just had a dud.  Either way, the Avion 13 FF is a great tasting cigar and I look forward to smoking more of these down the road.


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