Mexican San Andres is not my favorite wrapper. Heck, Connecticut Broadleaf isn't either, and I have found that when it comes to manufacturers who do well with those wrappers there are not many. I know maduros are big and guys love making blends with Mexican and Connecticut Broadleaf tobacco, but for the most part they do not do well with them. I don't believe Tatuaje and My Father Cigars do great with Mexican wrappers, I think Satin Glove is a rare exception with how good it is, but for the most part they do very well with Connecticut Broadleaf. Casa Fernandez is a similar case in which they are a company that does well with Mexican San Andres. While I would love to see how well they do with a Broadleaf wrapper, we have not seen them do it, and I think that it would be an interesting experiment as the wrapper is very different than Mexican tobacco. I think Casa Fernandez has found that they do well with Mexican San Andres so they said to themselves, why change it up? Casa Fernandez uses that Mexican tobacco well for many companies, Illusione, themselves and Dante to name a few, but this year they announced that they would be making a maduro offering for Sindicato. This is the second cigar that Sindicato has done with Casa Fernandez and at the time I was eager to see how t would be. I was a fan of the first Sindicato, thought it was terrificbut was curious to see how their second release would compare. Not only is it hard to follow up on the first cigar, they were doing it this time with a Mexican wrapper. 

Sindicato Maduro Toro

Size: 6” with a 54 ring gauge

Vitola: Toro

Wrapper: San Andres Morrón

Binder: Double Binder Esteli Nicaragua

Filler: Jalapa & Esteli, Nicaragua tobacco

MSRP: $11.95

Cigars smoked for review: Two

Reviewed cigar under Cigar Federation rating system.

Appearance and Aroma: This toro is a big toro and even being box-pressed makes it come off as being bigger than a 54 ring gauge. It is finished with a lovely pigtail cap and the closed foot is a nice touch. The wrapper has a nice maduro coloring to it, and while it is not this perfectly even coloring, it is solid. To me, this is a majority of what Mexican San Andres wrappers look like. From time to time you will get a wrapper that is pitch black, but overall I think this is the norm. The cigar is firm in hand and it has a texture that is slightly gritty. The cigar gives off an aroma of rich earth, chocolate, tobacco and spices on the wrapper, and the foot gives off a little bit more with the filler tobacco being slightly present. Overall, the appearance gets a eight out of ten and the aroma gets an easy ten out of ten.  

Smoking Characteristics and Flavor: From beginning to end, the cigar delivered terrific flavors. I got a lot of rich earth notes to begin with, and it was accompanied by some soft sweet spices along with some cocoa and tobacco notes. This is a rich and sweet cigar, and it is what I call a dessert cigar. There is some transitioning throughout, generating some flavors of nuts, toast and natural sugar qualities, and this is lovely cigar. It is complex with lots of depth, and there are changes from third to third. In terms of construction the cigar does well also. I felt that it showed an even burn line throughout, and it produced a charcoal ash that held on to the cigar quite well. It had a cool draw that produced a ton of smoke from beginning to end, and at no point did I have to touch up the cigar or worry about its performance  With smoking characteristics, the cigar gets 14 out of 15 points. Looking at the flavors of the cigar, the cigar gets 27 points out of 30.

Overall Impression: I really enjoy this smoke and have loved the vitola offerings in the brand. They are bigger ring gauge offerings overall, but I think that is appropriate with the wrapper that is being used. With the larger ring gauges, the Nicaraguan tobacco is not being overpowered by the Mexican wrapper, and the result is a balanced cigar that shows great flavors from the Mexican wrapper and Nicaraguan fillers. To me, this is an evening and a dessert cigar. It is rich and filling, and at the same time giving off sweeter flavors that make it is a dessert smoke. I think a lot of today's smokers will dig it, and it is a cigar every smoker should reach out to and try. Sindicato has really turned things around since teaming up with Casa Fernandez, and their last two releases have been incredible. With great flavors, terrific construction and all other winning qualities. it is no surprise that my overall impression is high. This smoke gets 32 out of 35 points for overall impression. I believe this is a maduro that many will love, and it will speak to all levels of maduro smokers. Whether you want your maduros strong or sweet, this will be a cigar that speaks to you.

Rating: 91 Points “Box Split”   

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Comment by Cigar Coop on November 3, 2014 at 8:16am

This review is spot on.  This has to be one of the biggest surprises of any release I've had this year.  And folks probably know I am not a San Andres Maduro fan.  This has all the potential of a Top 25 cigar in my book.

Comment by Charlie on November 3, 2014 at 8:23am

I disagree to an extent, lots of companies are killing it with San Andreas and Broadleaf....heck I LOVE them both! To me CF is CF, if its rolled by them 9-10 times it tastes like a CF cigar lol 


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