I love the idea of a group of retailers coming together to create a brand for the national market. Why I love it is because it helps out consumers. With a brand that is controlled by retailers, you keep lines alive. Production may never be high, but if you are a store owner and a certain cigar does well in your store, the cigar will continue to be made. Yes, there are buy-ins for this to take account and you need to be a part of the bigger group, but it helps your customers. That is not always the case with brands that are owned by companies and looking at overall success of line on the market. Because of this, I support Sindicato Cigar Company. Now, when they first began, they had a rough start and produced some cigars which were not up to par in my opinion. They began going by going down the wrong road, but this year they turned that around when they went to Casa Fernandez for their flagship line. That line was title Sindicato, and it is the first creation between the two companies. Today I look at the flagship line  and see if it lives up to the title that any flagship line should.

Sindicato Churchill

Size: 7” with a 52 ring gauge

Vitola: "21st Century Churchill" 

Wrapper: Shade Grown Corojo, Jalapa, Nicaragua

Binder: Double Binder Esteli Nicaragua

Filler: Jalapa & Esteli, Nicaragua tobacco

MSRP: $11.65

Cigars smoked for review: Three

Reviewed cigar under Cigar Federation rating system.

Appearance and Aroma: This massive Churchill is constructed wonderfully and is finished with a nice closed foot and a pigtail cap. It is box pressed, which I have a love/hate relationship with, and it has a classic coloring for the wrapper. It is smooth in texture, giving off a silky feeling, and it has some minor veins throughout. The coloring is that of a solid Colorado, and the red hue is beautiful. The aroma on the wrapper is that of soft spices, aged tobacco, rich earth with a touch of sweetness, and the foot is showing similar notes with some damp wood present. Overall, the appearance gets a nine out of ten and the aroma gets an easy ten out of ten.  

Smoking Characteristics and Flavor: In terms of construction the cigar smoked great throughout. I am not surprised, no one should with the quality of construction coming out of TABSA, and it smoked cool with a nice burn line throughout. The ash held on well and this is how box-pressed cigars should smoke. The concept of the pressing is to promote a better draw and with that better construction, and that is what takes place with this cigar. Construction should never be a problem these days, never, but yet factories still show construction problems from time to time which irritates me. Looking at the flavors, I was in love from this cigar from the beginning to the end. It had a nice toasty, cedar and nutty quality to it from the beginning, and to add to the complexity there were moments of spiciness with some graham cracker and tobacco notes with that. It had a core flavor profile that remained enjoyable, and with the transitioning additional flavors began to emerge that added so much to the blend. The strength was always at a medium full level, maybe closer to medium in some eyes, and the body was at a medium full level as well. It was a cigar that reached out to me as a smoker and if you have similar tastes, you will love it. With smoking characteristics, the cigar gets 14 out of 15 points. Looking at the flavors of the cigar, the cigar gets 27 points out of 30.

Overall Impression: Looking at the cigar, and the cigar alone, this is a solid release and an enjoyable Nicaraguan puro. It delivers those Nicaraguan flavors that you get with AGANORSA tobacco, and they are flavors I really enjoy. The blend is complex and has a nice level of depth throughout. There is transitioning from start to finish and with those qualities, it does very well as a cigar. As a release from Sindicato, this is a complete win. As a company, they should have released this first, and I wonder why they didn't, but at least they have it on the market now. There are a lot of great sizes in the line and while I do not reach for a cigar of this size often, it is a good one at that. I have heard from a lot of guys how much they love this cigar and I can see why, I love it as well. While this is not an everyday cigar for many because of the price, it is a good price for a flagship line and with the 16 count boxes it makes it an easier box purchase. This is a cigar that is good young, I rated it high, but if you look down the road with age I can tell you that it will do nothing but improve. AGANORSA tobacco does so well with age, and after 12 plus months the blend really opens up into a great cigar. I would split a box of these with another guy any day of the week, and that is why with my overall impression rating it get 32 out of 35 points.

Rating: 92 Points “Box Split”   

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Comment by Catfishbluezz on September 15, 2014 at 9:04am

I love their white line.  I am going to give it a 95 just to piss Logan off.  It's a super mild breakfast cigar that rules lol.

Comment by Cigar Coop on September 15, 2014 at 4:26pm

Totally agree w Seth on Aganorsa tobacco doing well with age - it's like money in the bank.


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