I am actually reusing an introduction that I have in place for Seth's Humidor for this review, because I believe it properly introduces Silent Shout and Lost&Found. I tried to create a whole new introduction, but it never did justice to Lost&Found. If you enter any cigar factory's escaparate, you will find media ruedas of cigars aging properly on shelves, awaiting the application of bands and the completion of the packaging process. Most of the time these cigars make it out of this room for packaging and distribution to the market, but there are times where these cigars end up sitting in the escaparate. These cigars slowly age to perfection, and can sometimes be "forgotten" about, not being smoked for many years. The concept of Lost&Found, formerly Bellatto/Caldwell/Sears & Impromptu, is to find these cigars, the good ones that is, and release them to the market in limited quantities. Very little information will be revealed by Lost&Found regarding the actual cigar, but because they loved these cigar so much, they wanted to share them with the market. This concept was first released last year, not fully understood but appreciated, and this year the group has made a return that is stronger than last year. There is a slight return from one of last year's releases, but the rest are new, and today we look at the Silent Shout.

Silent Shout

Size: 4" by 42 ring gauge

Vitola: petit corona

Blend: Habano/Piloto Cubano/Connecticut

Vintage: 2008

Release #s: 3,000 cigars

MSRP: $20.00 (5 pack)

Cigars smoked for review: Three

Appearance and Aroma: The petit corona is rolled well and has a massive cap applied to the head. The wrapper is silky and smooth in texture, and there are practically no veins present on the wrapper. The coloring is that of a solid Natural, possibly dark Claro wrapper, and it has an antique brown coloring. cigar has an aroma of hay, cedar and pepper on the foot, and there is an aroma of minerals, herbs, and wood on the wrapper. Overall, it is firm in hand and after cutting there is a nice draw present. Overall, the appearance and aroma get an eight out of ten.

Smoking Characteristics and Flavor: The petit corona is really an interesting cigar, and it has a flavor profile that brings together a lot of flavors that I would not put together more often than not. It begins by showing some nice creamy flavors, and it is very smooth and soft. There are some green apple flavors present as well, and it has a nice herbal quality present. It is showing some lemongrass qualities as well, and I am getting a very faint barnyard flavor as well, that is showing hay and dry earth notes. As I progress further into the cigar, I find that it remains fairly creamy, showing those lemongrass and crisp green apple flavors, but the earthy and hay flavors grow in terms of presence. Towards the end of the cigar, I find that it is earthier and grassier than creamy, and it was a nice change. The construction throughout the cigar remains perfect, and it shows a razor sharp burn line with a charcoal ash on the end. It smokes cool throughout, something that a great petit corona should, and it smokes with a mild to medium body and strength level in the beginning, ending at a solid medium level. I am giving the cigar 44 out of 50 points.

Overall Impression: Overall, I give the cigar a 35 out of 40 points. It is a nice petit corona, one that is great in the morning, and it is an easy smoke that I could have back to back and throughout the day. The flavors were enjoyable and unique, and they were flavors that I do not necessarily put together more often than not. The construction is perfect throughout the entire cigar, and it has a nice burn line on the finish. I would say that the cigar is around a medium overall for body and strength, and because of that it is a cigar many could smoke. I reviewed the Cream Machine on Seth's Humidor, and what I said there I will say here. The Lost&Found releases definitely have received a lot of attention and desire, but when comparing them with the actual Caldwell and La Barba releases, I feel that they fall short in delivering what those cigars deliver. That being said, Silent Shout is the most exciting of the Lost&Found releases that I have smoked thus far. 

Rating: 88 Points "5 Pack"

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Comment by Docwill on February 26, 2015 at 10:56am

Green apple, wow.

Comment by Charlie on February 26, 2015 at 11:25am

I'm interested in the Holly Braille, great review Seth.

Comment by Seth's Humidor on February 26, 2015 at 2:54pm

Thanks brothers. Yeah, my palate rocks. :-) 

Comment by Smokin Logan (Man Angel #1) on February 26, 2015 at 4:40pm
Tuna has the best palate this side of the Atlantic.


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