I picked up these San Lotano Maduro by A.J. Fernandez from CigarBid as 2 x 10 packs.


The nose on these distinctly reminded me of the curing barns in Nicaragua.  The smell of rich sweet tobacco curing with hay undertones.


This cigar from A.J. Fernandez is a box pressed Toro measuring 6x52.  It is tripled capped and flawless in construction.  There is a single flat vein running from the band down to the foot.



I got a small amount of pepper mixed with a rich sweet tobacco flavor on the first draw.  There some leather undertones but it mixes in pleasantly.  At the halfway point of the first third I start to taste a sweet creaminess and the leather falls away.  The rich sweet tobacco flavor is present as an entire taste for the entire third.  

It's just an outstandingly balanced beginning.


It's still sweet and creamy as I begin the second third.  The flavors here are still well balanced.  At the halfway point of the middle third the leather comes back and again it's pleasantly balanced.


More of the same flavor profiles in the last third.  There's a little hint of earthy after taste a few minutes in but nothing else to report for flavors.  I'm starting to feel the tobacco strength hit home here.


A nice straight burn from start to finish here.  Draw was right in the sweet spot for the entirety.  Total smoking time was approximately 2 hours 25 minutes.


Singles of the Toro can be picked up for about $6.50. 5-packs are approximately $34.  A box of 20 range from $112 - $128.  A sub $7 stick that comes with outstanding flavor from start to finish?  That's an excellent rating in my books.

Final Word:

We don't hand out a lot of scores in the 90%+ range all the time.  The San Lotano Maduro by A.J. Fernandez is a perfectly balanced cigar that is affordable for almost all aficionados.  I enjoyed this cigar so thoroughly that by the time I had finished writing out my review, I had already placed an order for a box.   I'd highly recommend you pick up a 5-pack to try these out for yourself.    


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