This cigar was won courtesy of and their Foxtoberfest contest.


​Strong nose of barnyard and fresh earth.


The San Cristobal Papagayo is a toro cigar 5 3/4" x 55.  There's some tooth near the triple cap.  A flat vein runs the length of the cigar.  The band is a quite striking accented gold with a bright red bird I can't identify.​



​There's a small amount of spice on the tongue to start out.  Some roasted nuts as I exhaled.  The spice quickly drops off and you're left with primarily roasted nuts and tobacco flavor.  Overall enjoyable first.  Gets a little acrid transitioning into the middle.


The nutty flavors become quite strong as I enter the middle.   It becomes quite earthy at the middle.  From that point on it flips between a earth and nuts with a heavy earth after taste on the tongue.  ​


Mostly tobacco flavors going into the final.  The roasted nut flavor transitions into a more raw nut.  The final third falls a little flat in the flavor department.​


The draw is wide open and the cigar went out at the halfway point and required a re-light.  Total smoking time was 1 hour and 45 minutes.​


Singles are about $8 - $9, 5-packs $40 and a box of 21 will run you around $145.  This is a bit higher than I would have expected based on the flavor profile.  I'd rate the value here as average.​

Final Word:

It's always tough for me to provide ratings when I review a cigar and don't find anything that stands out.  I find myself struggling more with ensuring the scoring isn't unduly harsh.  Taste is highly subjective and I welcome you to pick up a few San Cristobal Papagayo's to try for yourself.​


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