This cigar was won courtesy of​ and their Foxtoberfest contest.


Not a lot to pick up here.  All I could get was light hints of cedar and faint tobacco.​


The Room 101 San Andres 305 ​is a robusto cigar, 5 x 50.  It is double capped with a rich brown wrapper.  There are flat veins running the length but no flaws.  The band has a gold mask with black fill.  Subtle and elegant.



The first few draws and I get a mouthful of barnyard and on the exhale dried fruit.  It's an interesting first.​  After a few minutes in I get fresh cedar and some sweet creaminess that builds to leave a big sweet after taste.  It's a smooth first but there are not a lot of other flavors coming through.



The middle brings a little bit of spice at the back of the throat.  There's more cedar here but it's quite light.  Earthy at the halfway point but still creamy sweetness coming through on the exhale.​


The final transitions into a very loamy earth.  After about 5 minutes the earth final gives away to more sweetness.​


The draw was a little on the open side for my tastes and the burn required a few touch ups.​  Smoking time was about 1 hr and 15 minutes.


Singles can be found between $5 - $6, 5-packs around $27 and boxes of 25 for about $128.  If the flavors match what you're looking for this is an excellent value.  At this price these are affordable as a go-to smoke for most aficionados.  ​

Final Word:

The Room 101 San Andres 305 didn't hit the notes I enjoy, but I feel like I need to give it another shot.  The price makes these a great value that you should be picking up a 5-pack.  ​


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