Review: Romeo y Julieta Piramides Anejados

In mid 2014 Habanos S.A. announced the new Anejados program. Cuban cigars would be aged 5 – 8 years and then be released with an Anejados second band. Habanos S.A. says the cigars were aged in cedar boxes, in a strictly climate controlled environment.

They came to me by way of event cigars at the 2nd Annual Rocky Mountain Smokeout. I smoked one Romeo y Julieta Anejados in Canada, and one in Cuba.


Vitola: Piramides

Size:  6-1/8” (156 mm) x 52 Ring Gauge

Wrapper: Cuba

Binder: Cuba

Filler: Cuba

Cigars Smoked for this Review: Two each

Price Point: $18.50 USD

Cigar Purchased: Event cigars

Quick Note: For this review we used Logan’s rating system. You can view it in detail here.


“I have mixed feelings about the Romeo y Julieta Piramides Anejados.”


Check out my video review here:


Surgeon’s Rating: 88 AKA “5-Pack”

The nose on the wrapper is spicy cedar, with light hay in the room and almost a sweet rum. I used a guillotine cutter to make a shallow cut and found the draw quite tight.

There’s a huge blast of marshmallow and graham cracker sweetness on the Romeo y Julieta Piramides Anejados to start. There’s a light amount of pepper present, the retrohale is that graham cracker sweetness with a light to light plus pepper. There’s some chlorophyll, almost unfermented tobacco coming through, hints of leather, and dry cedar. Some cocoa starts to enter the mix at the ten minute mark.The first minutes has a lot of flavor transitions. The chlorophyll flavor is present for the first 45 minutes and the paper gradually falls away. As the cigar moves towards the middle third the flavor complexity wanes to a light strength.

In the middle third the cedar takes over the profile, jumping to a medium minus. Some cocoa hints come through but aren’t strong enough to overtake the cedar. Graham cracker sweetness only presents itself on the retrohale. There’s some salty minerality that I taste before the final third begins.

In the last third I get some sour earth and leather, so I purged and relit. At that point I get some basil and citrus, with more of the chlorophyll and dry cedar from the first third. The last third falls into balance with cocoa, dry cedar with the basil and citrus disappearing. Some light leather comes in at the last half of the last third.

I have mixed feelings about the Romeo y Julieta Piramides Anejados. The first third is magnificent, but the rest of the cigar isn't as complex. I really like that Habanos S.A. is experimenting with aged cigar releases. I’m concerned that the blends that are being used for the Anejados program have been selected because they wouldn’t stand on their own as a regular release.

The Romeo y Julieta Piramides Anejados would be a pretty easy 5 Pack buy but I couldn't see going up to a box split level.

I look forward to trying the Montecristo Churchill Anejados at the earliest opportunity.


Surgeon’s Pairing Recommendation:

As with many Cuban cigars, coffee, rum or any rum based cocktail is going to be an easy choice to pair. You could also go with a light cola or root beer.

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Comment by Generally Useful Jared on January 25, 2016 at 9:04am

This is starting to emerge as the consensus on these... just kind of ok, and definitely not living up to a 5-to-8-year-aged Habano.

Comment by Cigar Surgeon on January 25, 2016 at 9:44am

It's definitely tough to tell whether they're taking a well blended cigar and aging it, or taking a sub par cigar and aging it because otherwise it wouldn't sell on its own.

If the first third carried through it would be outstanding.

Comment by Generally Useful Jared on January 25, 2016 at 10:12am

I think I'll stick to stockpiling cheap petite coronas.

Comment by Charlie on January 25, 2016 at 10:22am

I'm looking forward to the Partagas Anejados Corona Gorda...

Comment by Cigar Surgeon on January 25, 2016 at 10:36am

I feel like Partagas can do no wrong.

Comment by Charlie on January 25, 2016 at 3:18pm

Agree...looking forward to the Partagas, wasn't a huge fan of the Monte or RyJ version but I see the HdM just hit the market.


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